Luxury Auto Features drive some concerns among the market analysts

Jun 27, 2018
Luxury Auto Features drive some concerns among the market analysts

Regardless of what your buy, be it a BMW, Mercedes or an Audi for that matter, what's making headlines is the hottest auto feature i.e a touch enabled dashboard display, something which you can relate to the concept of a smartphone.

As per an online market research, it has been found that more than 15% of the clients wanting to make a luxury car purchase seek out this new feature of touch based dashboard display.

Furthermore, automotive insiders prediction that Dashboards will surely turn out to be increasingly important in the next 3 to 5 years.

Nevertheless, there is always a dark side to everything.On a similar note, there is a new backlash to this wherein opponents are trying to bring out the risks that this technology accompanies. Moreover, the subject matter experts believe that there is a tendency of witnessing a spike in premiums for the drivers of these luxurious vehicles.

There are rebuttals from various market analysts stating the tendency for drivers to get distracted while driving."Whenever something distracts drivers' eyes, ears or thought processes, there's an increased opportunity for a potential crash."This is what Pete Karageorgos,consumer and industry relations, Insurance Bureau of Canada had to say for the same.

Every car company has a different Dashboard, specially when it comes to its various makes and the models. Nevertheless, including options that will showcase your incoming tweets while driving or letting you interpret your text messages that appear on the screen, being read out aloud by a vocal interface might as well be a question mark on the safety aspects, regardless of how savvy it might appear to be. Yet Audi has gone ahead with this and claimed this to be a better alternative as compared to using a smartphone. Karageorgos firmly believes that gradually with time, the analytics will reveal the true impact of this technology.

Apart from this, another concern that has been raised is the fact that with increased technological additions to the dashboard, there is a higher tendency for car's being susceptible to car theft.

All in all, the key message stills remains the same. Regardless of any technologically advanced additions to the dashboard,the driver should not lose his focus off the road and concentrate on driving regardless of any distraction, be it the dashboard, the fellow travellers or anything else.

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