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  1. Airbus A380 Pulled by Porsche Cayenne – World Record Broken

Airbus A380 Pulled by Porsche Cayenne – World Record Broken

04th May 2017
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Time to time car marques keep on testing the strength of their babies and why not. The competition in the automobile sector is so strenuous that delivering the best becomes the foremost thing. We have witnessed Land Rover testing its Discovery over tough terrains to prove its worth and now Porsche has taken the industry by storm with its Cayenne that has created a new world record for the brand by pulling the world's largest passenger airliner – Airbus A380.

The beast of an SUV, Porsche Cayenne has recently set a new world record for pulling the heaviest aircraft by a production car. In everyday life it's hard to see such stunts every now and then but Porsche taking the step forward did what its rivals might not think of. This record-breaking pull was done by a 4.2-litre V8 motor powered Porsche Cayenne S Diesel that delivers a maximum power and torque of 380BHP and 627lb-ft, respectively.

Airbus A380

The stunt was filmed at the engineering hangar of the Air France located at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and the Airbus used belonged to the Air France's fleet of 10. Let's take a look at the video:

Herein, the robust Cayenne pulled the Airbus A380 for a distance of 42 meters, thus breaking the previous world record for pulling the heaviest aircraft by 115 tonnes by a production car. A look at the images is enough to calculate the strength of this little beast pulling the largest passenger aircraft of the world.

To let this happen, a special towing instrument was attached to the SUV positioned on the standard tow bar of the Cayenne. Accompanying its sibling was the Cayenne Turbo S to complete the pull afterwards.

heaviest aircraft

Behind the wheel was Richard Payne, a technician of Porsche, who felt relieved after the stunt, as according to him he didn't think the company would go such far to test the strength of its babies.

Well, after this piece of information, we are sure you might change your perception towards Cayenne. Share your views in the comment section below!


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