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Looking to buy a used BMW car in Pune ? Well, look no more…

BMW stands for luxury and power. Taste the richness of our inventory!

About our luxury, expert-verified, used BMW car

BMW is an initialism for Bayerische Motoren Werke in German which translates to Bavarian Motor Works in English. It’s a prestigious multinational German company making luxury cars and motorcycles. The company was established in 1916 when three manufacturing companies Rapp Motorenwerke and Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFw) in Bavaria, and Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach in Thuringia merged together together to form BMW AG.

The brand since then has become synonymous with high-performance vehicles that are sophisticated in appearance and comfortable to drive. The best part about the brand it that it produces a wide range of vehicles ranging from ultra luxurious models preferred by the upper end customers to models easily afforded by regular people.

Delve into the sophisticated arena of pre-owned BMW

After their establishment in 1916, it wasn’t until 1917 they manufactured their first product: a BMW Illa aircraft engine. The company majorly dabbled in engines during the first world war. The first car they manufactured was called ‘dixie’, they didn’t own the design which was actually an English austin. BMW not only have a successful car but an outstanding  motorbike division as well. They also keep designing interiors for aeroplanes and luxury trains.

The fascination with BMW lies with its production technology,brilliant designs, resource efficient production and sustainable mobility.

The following second hand BMW cars are offered by Big Boy Toyz:

  • 5 Series

    - An executive sedan, currently in its 7th generation. 5 series sets new standards with with its dynamic and elegant appearance. The car goes from 0-100km/h in 5.7 seconds.
  • 6 Series

    - It’s a range of grand tourers currently in its 4th generation. It’s available in coupe and convertible. 6 series has impressive cars with generously proportioned and luxurious interior. The enures maximum comfort during long rides.
  • 7 Series

    - It’s a full size luxury sedan, currently in its 6 generation. The car is a masterful perfection with futuristic engineering giving optimum driving comfort, dynamics and efficiency.
  • Z4

    - A line of roadsters where the Z in Z4 stands for zukunft (German for future). The car makes you feel every drive like an indulgence with its powerful engines and lean muscled body.
  • M Series

    - The M stands for motorsport. The car is constructed with powerful engines that redefine the driving limits. A combination of aerodynamic design and increased displacement gives an exceptional automobile.
  • BMW X-series

    - A car surpassing its own standards. X series is a luxury SUV with twin power turbo engines, outstanding equipment and automotive luxury. The car takes versatility, dynamics and comfort to a whole new level.
  • BMW i-Series

    - An electric vehicle with strong character and intricate detailing. The car has breath taking acceleration. When you buy any I series car you get sustainable mobility and defined innovation.

Don’t miss your chance to own a pre-owned statement of opulence

Everybody desires a luxury car and Big Boy Toyz makes it possible for you. Now you can too make people envious of your expensive car. There’s no doubt on the credibility of Germans’ ability to design futuristic cars.

The used cars go through multiple checks and processes to get verification and we provide you certification of authentic luxury cars. Don’t just sit there then! Go visit our showrooms in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad or Pune and taste the real deal.

Pune offers the best drives

Termed as the most livable city in 2018, Pune is the best place you can drive in. The city has got something for everybody. Pune is a city where every ride is magical. Pune has the best environment one could ask for. The city is filled with rich history of the maratha empire with various architectural monuments. No matter if you’re craving a walk on the beach or an early morning tea in the hills. Pune is only hours aways from it all. That’s why you need a pre owned Big Boy Toyz car in the city, because every beautiful city deserves luxurious cars on the road.

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