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  1. BMW M Series

Planning to buy a used BMW M Series car? Take a look

BMW is driven by passion and its cars make it evident

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About BMW M Series

Christine Caine once said, “Consistent Actions create consistent results”. No one has proved it better than BMW. This centennial brand was founded in 1916 and since then, be it a propeller, or a motorbike or a car, the brand has just delivered perfection. While it has a long history as a propeller manufacturer, the brand is best known as a luxury carmaker and the reason why it is popular in the market of the car in India. Well, not everyone flies a plane while most of the people definitely drive a car.

Join the Elite Club with a Pre-Owned BMW M Series

M in the M series stands for “motorsport”. The series was a part of a racing program under which were produced higher trim models which ultimately became the trademark style and an identifying feature for the series. Under this series comes M3 Sedan, M4 Coupe’, M5 Sedan, M6 Gran Coupe’, X5 M and X6 M. M1 was the first M-badged car unveiled at Paris Motor Show in 1978.

Offering every style from Sedan to Coupe’, a car fanatic does not need to look out for any other series to find her/his dream car. But its high price is a problem. Not many can buy a new car but if there is a problem, there got to be a solution too! And we’ve got one. While you can’t buy a new car, you can always buy a used BMW M Series. Visit Big Boy Toyz's showroom located at the Delhi-Gurgaon highway and get your pre-owned BMW M Series at the best price. But before you go on to purchase this car, you need to some features the brand offers:

A Racing Beauty - The series came into being as a part of a racing program. Each and every car is a racing beauty and the body makes it evident. Be it the car's’ chassis or speed, every aspect defines its pace on road and on track.

Badge of Honor - There is a difference between M-cars and other BMW cars. The M badge is only given to specific cars and ones who own it wears it like a badge of honor.

Responsive Engine - With its M-Dual Clutch, the car makes it easier to change the gears which in turn allow in making the engine more responsive.

Fast Cars - With the excellent power to weight ratio, the cars in the series are speedy. Thanks to the lightweight body which allows the driver to speed up the vehicle.

Pamper yourself with a Second Hand BMW M Series for sale

Purchasing a car is not like purchasing any other object. Car reflects what the person stands for; it tells what a person believes in. The reason why classy people always choose a car that reflects the class of the owner. They would never go down below an Audi or a BMW. But classy cars too come at a heavy price and therefore, not everyone can own them.

Everyone can’t but you can. As mentioned earlier, the car can be your and all you have to do for it is purchase a second hand BMW M Series up for sale. Big Boy Toyz, based in Delhi NCR, is a leading name in the market of used exotic cars. Your car will be well-certified and verified. All the cars in the showroom before being sold are sent to experts for checking and are put on sale, only after they are approved by them.

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