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Looking to buy a used BMW car in Bengaluru ? Well, look no more…

Amalgamation of power, style, class and performance!

About our luxury, expert-verified, used BMW car

The short alphabet initial for “Bavarian Motor Works” is undeniably a sacred masterpiece of art symbolization. Scoring high on parameters such as athletic and muscular designs, unmatched ergonomics and a lively engine performance, BMWs have always been the pure driving machines of all time.

A self observation of its insignia brings to light that BMW started off by manufacturing engines for military aircrafts!

Deemed to be one of the most culled and liked for inceptions, BMWs have often been the object of focus in relation to revered ownership anecdotes from the past and present.

The Zone of Pre owned BMW cars

And that is called Big Boy Toyz!

In its own spectacular domain

Explore more at Big Boy Toyz today!

Fine tune and alter your high point for BMWs.......come again, those BMWs which are a rare occurrence even in your upbeat imagining for that matter.

Showcasing a plethora of spectacled Bavarian exemplars from its inventory located in New Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon, Big Boy Toyz would surely want a BMW akin interest from your side to do the grand observing.

Timings from 10 am to 10 pm?

Yes, that is BBT’s latest work procedural to cater to your needs willingly apart from resorting to the standard dictum of genuine pricing and flurry of checkpoints for your much awaited BMW.


  • 3 Series

    - Sharp and precise handling has always been BMW’s forte and plus point and with the 3 Series, it is no different as sheer driving pleasure is truly awarded and crowned a new dimension and level which adds that extra bit of liveliness and gleefulness to your cherished long drives.
  • 5 Series

    - Having gathered immense popularity and respect through all its generations is one sedan from Bavaria that simply cannot be overlooked, considering its emotional and heartfelt appeal together with exceeding all your expectations, which is the BMW 5 Series.
  • 6 Series GT

    - To make the chancing upon more tantalizing and inviting, one is greeted with the GT version of this ever popular BMW which promises to be as exciting and fun loving as the sedan counterparts.
  • 7 Series

    - Purity in its best form, the 7er idolizes finesse and prestige with its supreme and elegant design language. Exhibiting a unique charm and attraction of its own, the impressive architecture with its matured and well chiseled look captivates one and all no end together with a special praise for the well civilized trotting.
  • Z4

    - It is a two door delicacy garnished with the perfect proportions & firepower and an automatic retracting hardtop for the complete look and delectable package.
  • BMW M3 M4

    - Want to learn the elemental paradigms of a sinister race track unleashing? Turn your eyes towards the lethal M combo which makes you an A+ proficient with a flurry of BMW terminologies on the move.
  • BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    - The humongous 4.4 twin turbo V8 under the hood is a treat to experience. Drive it sedately, it obeys and a one enthusiastic pressing of the accelerator will send this beast lunging forward like a ballistic missile thereby making the Bavarian specimen a spectacled showcasing.
  • BMW i-Series

    - Look a couple of years ahead with the i8 not only on the hybrid front but also the beckoning and mesmeric design expertise and a startled cabin orientation.


Let’s welcome your posthaste genre of second hand masterings in the city of Bangalore!!!

Talking fact the prodigious BMWs which would erect an out of the way forward motion for the unrestrained and hysterical stares.

And who made you a master of such a spectacular unfurling?

No guessing work here!

It is Big Boy Toyz from New Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon, the most happening place for super exotic machines under the sun and surely you realize that it has changed your perception and outlook towards the mean Bavarian sprinters of all time.

Which is what you practice all day long in Bangalore!!!

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