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Looking to buy a used BMW 5 Series car ? Well, look no more…

If we have to give one word for BMW, it would be iconic

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used BMW 5 Series car

People leave behind different kinds of legacies. Some leave their passion, their behavior and some others leave their name as a legacy that itself embodies everything that name want to convey. For instance, BMW. The brand was founded in 1916 and for more than 100 years, it has been delivering the best cars in the world. So what makes BMW so special? Its rich history. Everything that defines the brand is iconic. From its logo which for many years was speculated to be inspired from airplane propeller to its beautiful headquarters that resemble the 4 cylinders, the company had been using for its cars, each and every facet of this brand is amazing. This is evident from the fact that cars by this brand are amongst the top selling cars in both the International market and also, in the market of cars in India.

Wish fulfilled with a Pre-Owned BMW 5 series

BMW believes in giving its customers a ride full of ‘joy’. As we are progressing to the more advanced age with companies coming out with concepts like Hover cars, luxury car manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to make the existing models perform well on road. 5 series is now in its sixth generation and all the variants are better than their predecessors. The ‘5’ in the series is not just a number. It denotes fifth BMW “New Class” platform. The series is a successor to four-door sedan models. A mid-size luxury vehicle, the car comes as sedan, coupe’, tourer and hatchback. Spacious and fast, the 5 Series redefines luxury.

This series is the second best-selling series after 3 series which makes it difficult for car enthusiasts to buy it. Models available for all kinds of drivers, be it adventurers, who love rough terrain or who loves smooth roads are a bit expensive. Therefore, investing money in a new car does not seem as a viable option. Big Boy Toyz, a renowned name in pre-owned luxury car market-based in Delhi NCR, offers you a chance to buy a used BMW 5 series car. BBT is a key player in the market and its biggest showroom offers a wide range of model, in different styles and that too, at best prices. For instance, in the case of a pre-owned 5 Series, the showroom provides 520D, 530D M-sport, 530GT and 530D1. But before you decide to buy this car, you need to know all the features the series provides:

Spacious - A full-size saloon, this car is hailed for its spaciousness. It has a larger trunk and a bigger cabin which makes it a family vehicle.

Driving Dynamics - Twin turbocharged, the car has been upgraded to V8 engine. Also, BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system transmits power to the rear wheels providing better traction and grip and which makes driving smooth and fun.

Design - Though many people get confused between 3 series and 5 series, one thing that can help you distinguish one from the other is their structural design. 5 series car are wider and longer as compared to 3 series which gives it a more sleek and classy look.

Extras - 5 series keeps safety at the top and provides features like Driving Assistance Plus and automatic parking system. With LED headlamps and Harman Kardon sound system, the brand makes sure that your ride is not only comfortable but also enjoyable.

Second hand BMW 5 Series for sale, grab yours now!

The first car manufactured by the brand was Austin Seven car. This was the first brand to make its cars lighter through the use of aerodynamics. Like Audi’s rings, BMW’s signature Kidney Grilles is so unique that it alone has become an identifying symbol for the brand. From airplanes and motorcycles to cars, the company has tried and excelled in manufacturing everything.

With so many accolades in hand, owning a car of this brand is every car lover’s fantasy. Yes, a fantasy because with such a hefty price, not many will be able to buy a new car. But as they say, “Where there is a will, there’s way”. You might not be able to buy a new 5 series car but you can always look out for options like buying a second hand BMW 5 series. Big Boy Toyz can help you in getting one. Rest Assured! Any car that is put on sale by the showroom undergoes a process of checking and only when they are approved, are they sold. So, your pre-owned 5 series will be well certified and verified. With so much in store, you would not like to miss a chance to purchase your own second hand BMW 5 series up for sale at our Delhi NCR-based showroom.

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