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  1. Welcome to the World of ANTIMON

Welcome to the World of ANTIMON

07th July 2017
Welcome to the World of ANTIMON

As kids we were always impressed by the world of fantasy. Video game characters & robots provided the much needed excitement in our childhood days. They played a major role in carving out a shell & space for ourselves and shaping our personalities towards friends & relatives. Even today the world of the unknown enthralls us, thus motivating us to experiment with new ideas & concepts.

Well yes, let’s drift in this cartoony-realm.

Robot Movie source - santabanta

Having watched movies like ‘Tarzan the wonder car’ & ‘Robot’ we can believe that a driverless car, an artificial bionic person with feelings & the famous Hollywood movie The Transformers are enough to gather a huge fan following for the curiosity they arouse.

the famous Hollywood movie The Transformers source - s-media

But seeing and experiencing these through media & television creates a substantial void till the time an individual comes face to face with such types of innovations. Times have changed, technology has advanced & people desire more & want to better their lifestyles. Hand tasks are soon being replicated by electronic & mechanical devices. Cars too cannot be kept outside this purview. You might not have heard or seen till now but we will surely bring it to you live here.

There’s something exciting & practical for you guys!

Ever thought, a BMW which can take the shape of a speaking robot? Just like an actual “non-movie” Transformer!

BMW which can take the shape of a speaking robot source - motoroids

We know that for the first few moments you will be in a confused state & be speechless on hearing it. But this reality is at its best, & an evolution for the automobile industry as a whole. The credit goes to the sheer hard work, dedication, passion and enthusiasm of Turkish engineers, belonging to Letrons in designing this marvellous innovation for the the real world.

source - you tube

We are falling short of words to describe the feeling & excitement when the beemer gets changed to a life size robot.

The mesmerizing sight when the side panels extend outward & the chassis raises up on the legs is completely mind blowing. The entire execution is meticulous and error free as the engineers have taken care of the timing & body movement factors with great precision to give that wow feeling.

BMW which can take the shape of a speaking robot source - cnet4.cbsistatic

Standing tall, it further conveys its versatile nature & dynamism with a hint of authority. The head beautifully emerges out giving rise to this magnificent character known as ‘ANTIMON’.

source - you tube

“Letrons carries the first and only of its kind speciality in the world with full performance conversion in one to one scale and excellent technical data,” said the company.

A real life transformation from a BMW to a robot is characterized by powerful arm rotations & a creepy face. The whole change mechanism cycle was depicted by Letrons recently at the Big Boy Toys Dubai Expo held in November last year & completely held the crowd captive with its presence.

What’s different with this machine?

BMW which can take the shape of a speaking robot source - imgur

The Researchers at the company claim this is first breakthrough model took almost 8 months to develop with the help of an actual car & a lot of changes & modifications in the development phase.

The Letron series can be termed as a unique & futuristic project for the revolution of the automobile era .In its promotion video, while the car is being driven & operated by a remote, the real drama starts when it halts & completely changes it stance to a gigantic robot with the head popping out.
The Robotic transformation with the head movements, hand gestures, smoke emission & beeping lights had the viewers spellbound.

source - you tube

The company said, “Walking functionality was not developed for ANTIMON. The walking functionality can be added if a reasonable funding is provided for a new research and development project.”
The Robot cannot walk but is capable of speaking & moving its head, neck, arms & fingers. It comes equipped with some exciting goodies too such as Wi-Fi, LED dynamic eye structure and variable light spectrum enabling high effective visual power.

The robotic BMW source - wordpress

The robotic BMW being the first of its kind has clearly shown that technology & innovation has played a pivotal role in its creation. Change is constant & this magnificent robot is not here to stay. With better advancement & modifications it can be put to better use for the future.


The Robotic BMW

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