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  1. Valentine's Evening Fascinating Rides

Valentine's Evening Fascinating Rides

07th February 2017
Valentine's Evening Fascinating Rides

Hey Guys! Valentine’s is round the corner and heartbeats are racing.

Sweet nothings, flirtatious exchanges and breezy romance are in the air. It is time to pamper the loved ones with cards, flowers, gifts, dinners and also luxury car drives that add a new dimension to the wonderful experience.

2-driving-couplesource - indoremedia

So here we bring to you a few choicest cars (of course subject to his or her liking) that can make your day pleasurable and spectacular. So ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and take a look:-

Mini Cooper S Convertible

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.”
By John Ray

3-mini-cooper-s-convertiblesource - ytimg

When one gets a glimpse of the iconic two door hatchback from the British stable, he is completely mesmerized and fascinated by the charming and alluring design language that was a huge hit in the good olden days. The fancy circular headlights and the exquisitely crafted semi cylindrical radiator grille upfront to the stylish short dimensions when viewed from the side lead us to believe that it is a MINI, a renowned automotive marque from England owned by BMW.

4-mini-cooper-test-drivesource - motorbeam

The brand is credited worldwide for setting benchmarks in terms of exterior appearance and architecture that was skillfully depicted by its series of production models right from 1959 to 2000 and truly became an inspiration for other car manufacturers too. Successful stints in the Monte Carlo race editions of 1964, 1965 and 1957 enabled the company to gain a strong foothold in the world championship arena and domain thereby showcasing its product’s breathtaking performance and dynamic abilities.

The brand’s journey till date has been extremely a memorable one and truly to reckon with and now it modifies its offerings to cater to the young age discerning buyers who crave for something unique and different. Cruising down the street with your loved one in a car that attracts maximum attention gives you that sense of gratification and is a heartfelt moment.

It can’t get better than the MINI Cooper S Convertible with its appealing fabric roof, and when in motion can make the onlookers jaw dropped and enthralled.

5-mini-cooper-front-viewsource -motorbeam

It has grown in proportions considerably compared to the previous generation model and looks more elegant and sophisticated. The doors on the side occupy more than half of the length and the arrangement looks unique and distinctive.

The retro modern fusion of the interiors boasts of the best attention to detail to make you feel as special as ever on your captivating journey. The meticulous placement of buttons and switches on the dashboard give no reason to complain.


The circular screen is as enticing as ever giving out crystal clear graphics!

You'll love that!

6-mini-cooper-enginesource -motorbeam

The 2 Litre petrol engine borrowed from the parent company BMW is a no slouch and on this car, overwhelms you completely with its blistering performance. The motor entails 189 bhp along with 280nm of torque mated to a six speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and for speed cravers it can do a 0-100 kmph dash in 6.8 seconds. The excitement is further elevated when one tries out the Launch Control mode in which the MINI completely sheds of its composure and finesse and assumes the character of a mighty beast.

7-tempting-packagesource - becarchic

A tempting package at the end of the day and surely one of the centre stage attractions for men this Valentine’s Day to drive their companion in the most romantic and fanciful way.

Audi A3 Cabriolet

8-audi-a3-cabrioletsource - motoroids

An exclusive offering from the four ringed automotive stable, that infuses an aura of royalty and sportiness in one tantalizing package. Whether be the long weekend drives, getaway tours or the much awaited Valentine’s Day celebration, the A3 cabriolet comes closest to meeting all your expectations and satiating your desires to the fullest, thereby conforming to its tagline of ‘Love is in the Air’. The Audi brand in India is synonymous of progression, advancement and technology and it is perfectly portrayed by this gorgeous and elegant two door cabriolet.

9-cabriolet-impressionsource -motoroids

It reaffirms the company’s dedication to serve its customers in the best possible way while introducing novel and newfangled products to stay in line with the brand’s tradition and philosophy. The cabriolet on first impressions comes across as a product meant exclusively for the young modern age buyers, who wish to depict their success and glory in the most exuberant manner.

10-A3-sedansource - motoroids

Equipped with the S Line package, the cabriolet replicates the top of the line A3 sedan on many exterior aspects such as the charming LED headlights, the beautiful standout  honeycomb grille design at the front corners, rear LED tail lights along with the black cladding housing the dual shaped oval exhaust pipes. The real deal breaker is the fabric roof and together with its opening and closing movement seems to steal the limelight from the other luxury sedans in the same price bracket.

11-latest-and-trendysource - imgix

Once inside, a faultless cabin awaits you with the latest and trendy preparation so as to keep the neoteric factor alive. The rising of the MMI Screen from the centre of the dashboard along with the intuitive touchpad beckons you to explore further and acknowledge the fine nuances of Audi’ engineering and precision capabilities. To make things exciting, one can opt for the Navigation system and the most enchanting Bang and Olufsen Sound system for an unmatched music experience.

The A3 Cabriolet comes with a 1.8 litre petrol motor churning out 180 bhp and 250 Nm of torque mated to the legendary 7 speed S Tronic gearbox. Power is available from the word go and 100 kmph comes up in a mere 7.8 seconds with a full dab on the throttle along with comfortably reaching a top whack of 240km/hr.

12-loved-one-spendingsource - imgix

This vehicle on the special evening of 14th February can surely turn your fortunes favorable when you are with your loved one spending quality time.

Jaguar XKR

13-British-Car-Makersource - dailymail

The royal signage of the ‘Leaping Cat’ is a quintessential of one of the most renowned and respected British Car Maker of all times, known as Jaguar. Every model from its stable is an epitome of uncompromised quality and luxury while being true to the brand’s famed history and heritage. A few moments or an encounter with any Jaguar model will leave you spellbound as it feels leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors, be it the stupendous performance of the engine or the majestic interiors. It represents every bit of the passion and dedication of the Englishmen at work.


But the one product in Jaguar’s famous portfolio and collection that looks and feels different along with exuding a persona of its own, is the two- door XKR coupe. The low slung appearance upfront is definitely a treat to watch and that is further accentuated by the long bonnet with air vents on either side, arc inscribed LED lights and the oval shaped radiator grille.


The grand silhouette when viewed from the side along with the curvaceous and elegant boot make it look modern in a segment comprising of flamboyant and new age design supercars. Every time you step inside the interior of a Jaguar, you get that sense of occasion and liveliness and it being no different with the XKR too.


The charm of the rising gear knob known as the Jaguar Drive Selector to the impeccably well bolstered seats that hold you tight truly make you feel on cloud nine. The 5 litre V8 supercharged motor with 510 bhp and 625 nm of torque merits no excuses to be tested flat out on a race track. A 0-100 kmph timing of close to 5 seconds is adequate to ignite the racer instinct within you and give a summarization of your tryst with this beast.

17-jag-xkr-and-noksource - honestjohn

The Jaguar XKR can make your evening Valentine’s celebration as memorable as ever with its rocking growl that announces your arrival with the loved one in style.

Maserati Gran Turismo

18-Maserati-Gran-Turismosource - imgix

If a person has a true liking and affection for the most exquisite and elegant car design architectures, then he for sure must have had a stint with the legendary Maserati Gran Turismo. A royal piece of artwork on wheel portrays supremacy and sophistication, from all angles and beckons you to take note of the sheer craftsmanship of a true Roman connoisseur of automobiles.


The three upward slanting spear signage inscribed within the oval shaped radiator grille looks and feels royal while being the traditional symbol of the city of Bologna, where the inception of the brand took place before being shifted to the city of Modena.


This two door coupe comes across as a perfect fusion of a refined cruiser and a sporty looking menacing track commuter shedding all its raw unadulterated power from within. The interiors enchant you with an amalgamation of retro modern setup and the meticulous attention to detailing on the dashboard and seats is simply remarkable and outstanding. Fine regal touches all around particularly near the gear lever and the steering wheel makes a person feel important and privileged.


For a much awaited Valentine’s evening, the inside cabin of the Gran Turismo might just be the perfect place to get things started as the celebration is still to be continued further all night long. The catalytic agent to sprite up your affair is the humongous 4.2L,V8, Longitudinal engine with a colossal 405bhp and 460nm of torque.

22-vehicle-special-eveningsource - staticflickr

It makes its presence felt by the sporty exhaust note and provides a sense of engagement to the onlookers as well. Indeed, using this vehicle on the special evening of 14th February will earn you some brownie points from your companion.

So Guys chill out and enjoy the special day with the one whom you ‘ve always dreamt and cared for besides indulging her in the most beguiling and gratifying way.


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