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  1. The Valley Run

The Valley Run

12th June 2017
The Valley Run

The Valley Run Drag Racing Event

- For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

The Valley Run Drag Racing Event source - team-bhp

I’m sure all of us has watched at least one movie out of the many Fast and Furious ones released over the years. How cool is it to see cars being thrown around the streets in a manner you never thought could happen! (Okay some of it can NOT happen but it’s fun anyways!)

Seeing Brian O’Connor race his orange Supra against Dominic Toretto's black Charger was one defining moment that has converted endless number of guys and girls into people who love cars today. I’d be lying if I said it was at that moment in my life when I saw that scene and did not fall in love with cars. It was a bond that came naturally to me, as it comes to all of us.

Competition is food for improvement, and that is how we improve our cars too. This is where motorsport comes in, ignited by The Fast and The Furious and fueled by passion in our hearts.

Motorsports at a professional level source - team-bhp

In the Indian scenario however, Motorsports at a professional level (PS: without hooliganism and street racing) is still in its early stages. Although it is growing at a rapid pace and one of the pioneering reasons for this growth is events like The Valley Run. India’s biggest and most premier gathering of all things automotive, it is a haven for you and me who love the smell of burnt rubber and petrol (Partly the reason we go to petrol pumps!)

Car for enthusiasts source - /i.ytimg

The Valley Run started in 2013 when it was organised for enthusiasts in the Mumbai area to come showcase and compete in their cars. Since then quoting the Director of Elite Octane, Mr. Rongom Mukerji who came up with the idea of drag racing cars of all measures -

‘Entry wise we’ve just grown from strength to strength. This is the fifth year for Valley Run and I think 600 participants from all over India speaks for itself.’

The name itself comes from the location where this grand gathering is held, which is an airstrip a few kilometers from Mumbai, nestled in the valleys of Aamby. The picturesque and calm countryside roars with the sound of engines for a three day celebration of speed. Everything from supercars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris and even Rolls Royces to highly modified cars based on regular street cars compete in different classes.

regular street cars source - team-bhp

There are also many bikes around. In fact the fastest Foreign car of the 2017 edition of The Valley Run was a Lamborghini Huracan, whereas the fastest Indian car was a highly modified 600HP Honda City.

source - team-bhp

There are also talks of an upcoming event called the Speed Week which is an extension of The Valley Run, taking it to cities such as Delhi and Kolkata. Imagine a kid in a toy store with all kinds of teddys and beyblades and action figures and what not staring him in the face. That’s exactly how you feel when you are at The Valley Run. We all are still children to our parents. Maybe that’s okay because only the size of our bodies and our toys have increased! This event captures that little child in you and tickles his feet making him giggle. That’s what it is about in the end, happy smiling faces around automobiles!

The Valley Run source - team-bhp


The Valley Run

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