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  1. The spirit to prevail

The spirit to prevail

23rd June 2017
The spirit to prevail

The Spirit to Prevail

"It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was left for us, and to leave a legacy that is worthy of our children and of future generations." By Christine Gregoire

It is indeed a great feeling of pride & prestige to cherish some of the fine moments with our forefathers & parents and reliving those once again in the present era. But somewhere or the other a physical possession intact from the past raises the attachment levels to great heights and all efforts go in maintaining & multiplying its value. We then narrate some fond incidents to our dependents, related to the antique collection that was left behind by our ascendants.

Rolls Royce source - springfieldmuseums

Based on the sheer reverence & adoration, we feature Allen Swift (1908-2010) belonging to Piccadilly Massachusetts who owned a Rolls Royce for nearly 80 long years creating history & admiration amongst people & car enthusiasts.A sense of satisfaction & contentment prevails when you are rewarded for your hard work & dedication & it was the same for Allen Swift when he was gifted a 1928 Rolls Royce Piccadilly –P1 Roadster by his father on his graduation. Born during the automobile era, he developed a natural interest in cars & at the age of 24 became the proud owner of the Franklin. The second one to be added to his garage was a Marmon. But the unique possession that won him accolades was the British Palace on Wheels known as the Rolls Royce.

The Rolls is a perfect epitome & representation of true British heritage & class & exemplifies that extremely well through its contemporary design language. This is evident too in this 1928 example which oozes a royal charm of its own that one can't help but admire the classic lines & shapes on this beauty. The exterior cannot be mistaken for anything but a RR. The radiator grille shape with the leaning woman forward & her arms outstretched backwards is still used till date signifying that old is gold, a philosophy which is the backbone of this renowned automotive manufacturer. Allen too had a keen eye for details & picked the Rolls after he visited the Springfield factory.

photograph of the Rolls Royce Springfield, Massachusetts factory source - bmwgroup

Official photograph of the Rolls Royce Springfield, Massachusetts factory from the press release archives of Rolls Royce.

He quoted in his 2003 interview:

"Someone had advised me to go to the Springfield plant and I did. I went all through it and watched them making the parts. It reinforced my idea that it was well made. I saw all the ways they tested the cars. Every engine was tested. Then when they got the engine finished they set it up on a concrete block and ran it a specified number of times and a specified number of hours …. Someone would come around periodically with a stethoscope and listen to it and so forth. Then it was completely dismantled and checked and reassembled and put back into the chassis. Then a bench was mounted on the chassis and a test driver drove it 200 miles before it was released."

After choosing his magnificent machine, he turned towards Brewster & Co. Coachworks New York, a famous chassis maker to select a Piccadilly underbody for his car. He went for a two toned green option with the initials placed on the doors.

He made several trips to the Springfield factory for servicing his car. But his knowledge & acumen facilitated him to carry out some of the tasks by himself such as oil changing, maintenance & taking the engine apart. The car truly showed its potential & never once broke down despite everyday commutes & long weekend drives. Up to 2003 the car had clocked almost 172,000 miles.

Rolls Royce Cars source - motorbeam

A slight glimpse of this elegant machine will make you go weak on your knees. Adoring those curvaceous lines running from the side gives a reminiscence of a stylish boat meant to glide over the lake with command & respect. The neat & vivid inscription & detailing on the alloys still look fresh & attractive till date. The front circle lights emerging from the radiator grille cater to a rather out of the box placement while at the same time looking durable & sturdy. The number plate housing is done on a cylindrical silver chrome bar beneath that even after so many years has shown no signs of deterioration & rustiness. The soft top convertible tin top is the real attraction for this vehicle that the owners have enjoyed & relished over the years.

The interiors have a fine taste of richness & grandeur to present to the passengers. Some of the ideas & design traditions are still used in the present generation Rolls Royce Cars too for instance the handlebars which open backwards that give you an instant reminder of how kings in the past used to ingress & egress from their royal caravans. One of the finest stitching of leathers for the seats have been incorporated along with ergonomic placement of dials & gauges to show speedometer, analog meter, car temperature, oil level & the lever to open & close the bonnet. But the real feeling of Joy & Ecstasy comes when you see the Rolls signage from the cabin while driving & that conveys it all.

Rolls Royce Cars source - wheelsage

This iteration of the Rolls was introduced in 1925 & was the second renowned 40/50 hp model. To make it easier for the buyers, the company differentiated between the number nomenclatures by naming the latest model as 'New Phantom' & renaming the existing model as 'Silver Ghost' that was being used by their demonstration example. The gearbox is paired to the clutch through a rubberized flexible fabric & through an enclosed drive tube to the differential at the rear.

The real improvement over the Silver Ghost was the introduction of the new pushrod-OHV straight-6 engine. Constructed with a single detachable head housing two groups of three cylinders each, the engine was proclaimed by the company as being sufficiently powerful compared to the competition. The engine comprised of a 4 ¼ in (107.9mm) bore & an under square 5 and a half (139.7 mm) stroke totaling to 7.7 L (7668 cc) of displacement. The four wheel brakes with servo assistance system granted by Hispano Suiza were also incorporated in this model.

Acknowledging the length of the ownership, Rolls Royce presented Allen Swift with a Crystal Spirit of Ecstasy award in 1994. By the year 2005 the car had covered more than 170,000 miles & he recorded his name in the history books to have done so. He eventually passed away that year. Two months before his death, he donated funds to the Springfield factory to purchase a building to house a museum for innovation & advancement. A 40,000 square foot space that exhibits the city's history, heritage & culture & amidst that stands the prized possession of Allen Swift as a mark of honor, glory and a never dying legacy to be carried forth by the future generation.

Rolls Royce presented Allen Swift with a Crystal Spirit source - springfieldmuseums



Spirit to Prevail

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