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  1. The German Muscle: Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

The German Muscle: Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

08th June 2017
The German Muscle: Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series

This is what the most powerful Vitamin C looks like: the C63 Black Series.

This baby Merc, as amazing and exquisite as it looks, is equally thunderous to ride hard.

It has an amazing brake bite and a commanding stopping power. The engine growls amazingly during upshifts in an acceleration run. You hear all kinds of symphonies coming from the tail pipes: SNAP, BANG, CRACKLE, POP!


source - youtube

The engine is a 6.2L V8 which shares some components with the SLS-AMG. This is the same insane yet legendary M156 V8 from the AMG stable house which is naturally aspirated. The biggest merit of having a naturally aspirated engine like this is that whenever you let your foot off the throttle for a little deceleration, you get engine braking. And yeah, a naturally aspirated V8 is always a recipe for a street strip muscle car, hence the name: the German muscle sounds so justified. The engine shares the lighter crank and connecting rods from the Gull (SLS-AMG).

source - blogspot

The front and rear wheels are wider, the tires are stickier, the brakes are bigger, the suspension gets the top drawer AMG sports linking and on and on… The list of all the features just widens into the horizon and the moment you start to see the entire array you realize that’s it’s no normal C.

In the power delivery, it’s C for Catalytic!

source - thetorquereport

In the exhaust, it gives you 6 different notes!

In the driving modes, it gives you 3 different options to choose from in automatic shifts!

And in the end, it is an AMG. The Affalterbach commitment to you! The performance, guaranteed.


source - carlogos

There is mid corner understeer that can be fixed by throttle application. The steering ratio is perfect, which means that for corrections at tighter curves, lesser input in the form of corrections is required. Also because of the high torque engine producing oodles of power even at low RPMs, this car becomes a total drift machine whenever you want it to be. Along with the high performance in a straight line, this car can make you laugh incessantly when you wish for some fun. The fatter anti-roll bars and adjustable string perches add to the overall speed and dynamic handling package the car has on offer.

source - youtube

The interior is so luxurious and amply fitted with all the equipment (which other car companies tend to rule out of the package in the pursuit of shedding weight), that it bends your mind to think that this car is actually a track day special and extremely capable.

Here’s a closer look at the gleaming and fiery red interior of the car:

Here’s how to exploit the C63’s true brute punch. (PS: Do not try it on the street, or PAPPA JAG JAEGA!)

Turn traction and stability control OFF, select Sport + drive mode from the drive select knob, activate the launch control, and BOOM! You’re off the line with a loud burbly V8 screaming behind you at a redline of 7200 notorious RPMs.

source - you tube

The gang of rivals of the C63 black series is a tough, brawny crowd. It includes the likes of the BMW M3 , Porsche 911 GT3-RS 4.0 and the Audi S5 . Although impeccable German engineering and highly sophisticated yet simple approach is the link between these three contenders to be the better bet, the 3-pointed star takes a lead over the Bavarian propeller, the Ingolstadt rings and the shield of Stuttgart.

Now again, as most people would argue that at about 3800 pounds, C63 is quite heavy for a sports car bearing such kind of specs, but they fail to understand that Merc hasn’t bothered with pumping the regular C-Class with steroids all to take the luxury sheen and practicality away from it.

MERCEDES HAS HIT TWO TARGETS WITH A SINGLE ARROW, and aced every aspect of it, period.

DISAGREE? Look the C in the eye and try telling it.

I bet you got the answer LOUD and CLEAR.

Also, Mercedes has rolled out extremely exquisite pieces for this version of the C63, which is called the Affalterbach version. Only 30 of these will be made and will feature the Affalterbach symbol on the steering and the navigation knob for the infotainment screen. Also, the badging can be seen at the engine plate along with the man who has built and crafted it with his bare hands.

Doesn’t this speak volumes about the quality of this automobile and about how passionately it’s been assembled?

The C63 is a rewarding, speedy and extremely agile driver’s car. It is so engaging that you’d find yourself sweating when you drive it rigorously on the track, especially to set a lap time, but your heart feels happy. You feel yourself smiling after a duel with this beast, although you’ve completely surrendered yourself to its wrath.

You’re satisfied.


Engine: 6.3L DOHC 32 valve V8 with aluminium block and heads
Power: 481 hp
Torque: 457 lb-ft
Transmission: 7-speed AMG Speed Shift MCT with shift paddles
60-0mph braking test: 99 ft
0-60 mph acceleration run: 3.7 seconds
Quarter mile: 12.1 sec @117.6 mph
source - 4wheelsnews

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