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  1. The Essence of Christmas & Santa’s Choice of four wheels

The Essence of Christmas & Santa’s Choice of four wheels

23rd December 2016
   The Essence of Christmas & Santa’s Choice of four wheels

On the eve of 25th December there transpires a feeling of joy, gratitude along with a spirit of ecstasy to welcome one of the most awaited festivals of the year known as Christmas.

The excitement of sharing, happiness & being one with all truly transcends all hatred & social chasms!

It is celebrated to honor the nativity of Lord Jesus Christ & holds a special place & meaning in the hearts of Christians around the world as they swivel in the glory of charity and beneficence.

The occasion is further relished by singing holy carols, exchanging gifts, decorating homes & perhaps waiting for one person whose name starts appearing in people’s sub-conscious minds, particularly small children when this festival nears.

The one character who enchants all

“You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town!

source - Google

Quoting the above by Haven Gillespie, this classic white beard & red dressed character ignites so much anticipation and elation on his arrival to distribute gifts to small kids, both underprivileged and those born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

His story & journey is as old as the 3rd century!

Originally his character can be traced to a monk called Saint Nicholas, who was born in 280 A.D. & brought up in Myra near present day Turkey. He was revered and known for his kind hearted behavior amongst the masses. His anecdotes throw light on how he saved three sisters from being driven into prostitution by their father by giving the share of dowry for their marriage.

From there on the tag of a savior for children became popular worldwide.

old-fashioned-santasource - cdn.history

Santa’s Prominence knew no bounds

In the present day world how we largely perceive Santa is credited to the historical poem by Clement Clarke Moore way back in 1822 titled “An Account of a Visit from Saint Nicholas” meant for his daughters.

Saint Nicholassource - santaclausind

He was initially hesitant to publish it considering the unconventional description of Santa as a stout & husky figure with a supernatural dexterity to descend the chimney by merely nodding his head. Based on Moore’s poem & images, people could relate as what Santa would appear like & his entry on this special day kept all of them fascinated and enthralled.

A picture depicting Santasource - blogspot

A picture depicting Santa on a wooden sleigh with eight reindeers travelling from house to house on a cold wintery night leaving presents for the kids made him an instant American icon. To further bank upon this idea, a store owner known as May universalized the story of Rudolph, a young reindeer with a glowing and shining nose who helped Santa deal with a foggy & low visibility Christmas night, thereby making the journey possible.

But on the other side if we notice, children all over the world desire for gifts from Santa & they are not based on a snowy location. If we just imagine that Mr Claus would be driving a car of his favorite brand keeping in mind the terrain other than the sleigh, it will surely cut down his travel time considerably along with carrying more presents for the children around the world.


So here is a list of vehicles that Santa can pick for his commute as and when the situation demands it.

1.Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

source - YouTube

The most iconic & legendary name that comes to mind when thinking & feeling SUVs is Jeep. One gets mesmerized by the 4x4 rugged looks of the Wrangler Unlimited & this model carries the lineage & history of the Jeep brand worldwide. The design cues are a perfect fusion of the contemporary bits with modern styling but on the whole it never fails to impress. Straighter lines across the edges, big chunky tyres, XXL size & a sturdy built quality can give a tough competition to some of the flamboyant SUVs from the German & British stable too.

One of the most capable off-roaders in the market today & if one has the mood to floor the accelerator then surely it does not disappoint on that front also. A 2.8 litre turbocharged diesel motor churning out 200 bhp and 460nm of torque is a perfect match for a vehicle of this cadre & size. The 0-100 kmph dash takes approximately 10.2 seconds on the clock & one never feels that the engine is running out of breath at any point of time.

The 5 speed automatic gearbox is a bit nervous & slow to respond but taking into account the sheer off- road proficiency & potentiality, these factors can be kept at the back of the mind. The body on frame chassis with solid axles lends it one of the best choices for taking it on an adventure & safari trips. It can bear & take all sorts of crests & angles with precision in its stride.

4-Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimitedsource -tflcar

This SUV largely goes in hand with Santa’s personality due to the size and the large boot space can accommodate tons of gifts & presents. Equipped with many features & safety gadgets on hand, it will surely help the big old man to get out of North Pole hassle free & in time.

2.Toyota Sienna

Toyota Siennasource - thetruthaboutcars

The brand from Japan stands for quality, durability, reliability, customer endurance & satisfaction worldwide. It has won innumerable respect & recognition for its time tested models all over the planet and pledges to incorporate the best practices in its manufacturing & production systems. Each & every model from the T brand is an epitome of research, customer feedback, dedication & hard work & the Sienna perfectly blends with these factors.

source - YouTube

A minivan introduced in 1997 with a front wheel drive layout & based on the revised platform of the Camry sedan. Later on it 2003, it went on to offer the all -wheel drive system, the first ever for a minivan. It is the first vehicle ever in its class to receive the “Top Safety Pick” award from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety in USA back in 2010. A typical MPV styling & nor too radical though. It conveys its presence and aura in a much more subtle way.

Toyota Sienna from Japansource - amomstake

The interiors present a rich taste of grandeur and refinement with some of the finest materials used for the dashboard stitching & seats. The real X factor is the 16.4 rear seat screen with dual view capability that engulfs you in a separate shell altogether that one wouldn’t want to let go of it.

The very fact that we have shortlisted this vehicle is courtesy the large number of safety features in the form of anti-lock braking, brake assist, EBD, traction control system & tyre pressure monitoring system along with side torso & curtain airbags.


The minivan would be a perfect getaway vehicle for Santa to relish the rear seat entertainment system on long journeys & access the extra -large boot space to hold the bulk of gifts for many. The presence & acting forces of the all- wheel drive along with safety mechanisms will ensure an undeterred ride for Santa through slippery winter roads of the Arctic Circle while taking an exit route.

3. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupesource - corvetteblogger

Chevrolet comes across as a brand that rolls out those mean big looking SUVs & large sedans meant to pamper you in extreme comfort while on your long & arduous journey from the west to the East coast.

But that’s not all, enthusiasts are greeted with a fine range of coupes & convertibles too which satiate their tastes & desires, & the Corvette Stingray Coupe being one of the fine examples of that.

Doing a loud shout out of the in chic design language, it can give the sportsters from the European stable a good run for their money where the exterior looks are concerned. A 6.2L V8 petrol motor with 455 horses mated to a 7 speed manual shows its real caliber on this coupe.

source - santaclausind

A 0-100kmph timing of 4 seconds rakes it near to its immediate rival the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

The real deal breaker being, its impeccable handling, racetrack go ability with spot on braking, able cruiser and the showstopper looker's tag to make the spectators go on a hankering spree .

Santa can make some hard revving noises to announce his grand arrival instead of the reindeers & kids would very well know of the Corvette in their video games so once again they can get to see the car in practical terms.

4. Volkswagen Touareg

source - YouTube

The VW brand is very well identified all over the world for producing some of the finest common man’s car. The tagline ‘Das Auto’ proclaims that a Volkswagen should really be the car of your choice because it’s the ultimate, supreme, perfect & matches people’s criteria on all aspects. A fine exemplification of that is the timeless Touareg.

The midsize luxury SUV crossover with its understated looks appears to be a competent off-roader while qualifies as a sports car at the same time according to the manufacturer. This one shares the VW PL71 platform with Audi’s Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, reckoning the fact that they are owned by the same parent brand. The exterior design cues show a radical departure from the previous generation model & the introduction of LED lights resembles its younger brother the Passat. The dimensions have grown bigger & wider & lend it a formidable character.

Volkswagen Touaregsource -

With any VW model, one will experience a supreme & sturdy built quality of the interior & same is the case with Touareg as all buttons and dials are neatly placed & scores well in the ergonomics too. The tried & tested 3 litre diesel V6 with 240 bhp eliminates all apprehensions of an enthusiast. One wouldn’t even know that he is driving a vehicle this big & heavy courtesy a 0-100 kmph dash of 7.47 seconds. But the real icing on the cake is a 100 litre fuel tank that makes this an able cruiser out on the highways. Santa would not have to stop at every fuel pump & buy time only to reach late at his destination.

Alternatively, he can even try out the indulgent off-roading with this colossal machine & burn some rubber in the sports mode if desired.

5. RAM 1500 Eco -Diesel V6

RAM 1500 Eco -Diesel V6source - cardebater

It just doesn’t get better & engaging to drive around in a mini truck amongst the rough terrains of America.

The concept has been duly followed by the natives and citizens of the country for a long time such that every household owns at least one example of this to cater to their daily chores. The RAM is a full size pickup vehicle originally manufactured by the Chrysler LLC group & promoted as RAM trucks brand. It has won accolades & appreciation from the critics & motorists in the form of several awards to its name & that conveys its popularity amongst the Americans too as an obvious choice.

A massive 3Litre diesel engine with 240hp mated to an eight speed transmission with a gratifying up and coming will be the ideal pick for long distances.

Again this vehicle will prove fuel efficient if driven with a light foot & hence is an ideal pick for Santa.

The added advantage is that the cargo bed can accommodate tons of gifts & presents behind making it a practical option.

santa-claus-is-comingsource - uhd-wallpapers

Thus we see that Santa has the option of arriving in style in any of these cars which will be a departure from the tried & tested Rudolph the Reindeer & the wooden sleigh, thereby adapting to the expectations of the modern age generation.



The Essence of Christmas

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