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  1. Symphony V.10 by Lexus
    The LFA

Symphony V.10 by Lexus

01st September 2017
Symphony V.10 by Lexus<br>The LFA

Welcome the 10th Symphony of ‘The Supercar Album’ by Lexus.

So the point in consideration is does Lexus manufacture Supercars or Super Saloons for the Grey-hair men working tirelessly in their corporate colored cubicles.

Lexus, by Toyota a brand which has earned the rightful title of the Japanese Mercedes, got down to developing a thorough bred supercar and it took them nearly 10 years developing one, the only reason for the same turns out to be the age tradition of the Japanese Samurai maintain‘Kanpeki’, that is ‘Perfection’.

The beauty & the beast, were amalgamated in the form of intense LFA and the millennium world stood still. The manufacturer which made Hybrids when the world was still defining the term, which made the Luxury infested LS600 when the Eastern hemisphere was looking at affordable yet reliable cars, had finally achieved what probably is the only supercar to come from the Eastern Hemisphere.

And how did it turn out to be

Hold on feel free to ‘Judge the Book by its Cover’ as they say,

Here’s the visual.

source - you tube

Feast your eyes on the fastest revving V10 on a stock production car.

the fastest revving V10 source - st.automobilemag

So lets find out how the icon corners to the stats on paper.

The concept of LFA was first cited in the year 2000. Meticulously, the workhorses of Lexus designed and re-designed the chasis the frame-work in aluminum, but as soon as it was done, the entire body was scraped because aluminum was already outdated in the space-age of weight reduction and Lexus wanted nothing but the best for the new kid.

the v10 source - alphacoders

The engine on the other hand is a tale in itself, the v10 which makes most analog meters, nauseatic. Yes, that it is true infact the change in Revolution range is so quick that you would presume that maybe the LFA is encountering hyper mood-swings. ;-)

If you don’t believe me hear it out yourself

source - you tube

Glorious, the triple snout organ is the pure symphony of Japanese perfection and precision. The exhaust note is not an exhaust note anymore, is a whaling, screaming, sentient being. You can hear it change emotions and the sound makes an addict out of you.

the glory of the marvelous engine source - moibbk

The V10, has been carved out of the solid block of a V8 which means, the body-builder decided to go lean and now the slow Hulk -Hogan choose to Bruce Lee, swift-quick and waaakaaa all Kung-Fu-ee. But do not let my expressions hold the glory of the marvelous engine down as words do fall short of describing what Lexus achieved.

the glory of the marvelous engine source - cartype
the LFA the aerodynamics source - straight-six

Not, only is the engine a technological achievement in itself, the entire body of the car is designed to work together and give the LFA the aerodynamics of a space-ship, I am sure E.T would have loved one of these and the active rear wing ensures that gravity does not escape you while you push limits of physics itself.

And if science matter to you, then you would be delighted to know that the drag co-efficient which is LFA can pull of is as low as 0.31, now that is a slippery m*#her-F*^%er.

Supercar source - 3.bp.blogspot

It is not easy for a straight faced manufacturer to opt for the option to produce a road going Supercar, because the thought ain’t funny and it is an undertaking which risks the corporate image of the entire brand. Quiet, simply put the essence of a Supercar is the sheer ridiculous nature of the machine and the design has to from a child’s realm and the practicality should not even be a consideration, take Lamborghini for an example.

But quiet frankly, Lexus did a good job it not a perfect one, the LFA stands out as a sure-shot bedroom poster to a Child and the a road legal pulverizer was the one’s who can afford one; and that poses another challenge you see only 500 were created and the cost of such exclusivity came at a price of $4,45,000, which to me is a less price to pay for a fantasy space-ship I can drive :-p

And the following shall be your cockpit….

source - moibbk
The LFA by Lexus source - blogcdn
The LFA by Lexus source - drivetribe

If you believe in the indoors then

The interior won’t disappoint you either the structure is well laid out, simple and focused with optimum ergonomics and rider comfort, something which is now a bargain for weight shedding in automotive development.

The LFA by Lexus source - media.caranddriver
The LFA by Lexus source - i.ytimg
The LFA by Lexus
The LFA by Lexus source - blogcdn

The LFA by Lexus stands tall, under the Samurai banner quiet aptly penned down as

Fast as the wind,
Quiet as a forest,
Aggressive as fire,
And immovable
As a mountain.

The LFA by Lexus source - i.ytimg


Symphony V.10 Lexus , Symphony V.10

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