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  1. Raham Baba Ram Rahim ....

Raham Baba Ram Rahim ....

04th September 2017
Raham Baba Ram Rahim ....

Riches, glamour, prosperity and affluence!

Well, you heard it right…

In the past few days, the TV sets were constantly portraying the extravagant lifestyle of the self- proclaimed controversial Godman, Baba Ram Rahim, the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, a religious cult and a non- profit social welfare organization.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim

The Godman now finds himself behind bars for good; for a crime he committed 15 years ago after being proven guilty by the court. Every live update on the news channels kept us hooked with speculation as to the big verdict which was going to unfold and in between we were exposed to the Baba’s lavish and fraudulent lifestyle.

Raham Baba Ram Rahim

His goons took to rioting and vandalism bringing three states to a halt. However, truth and justice finally prevailed in bringing him to task. As the skeletons tumble out of the closet, and so is with Baba’s opulent style of living that is being highlighted in the media. His never ending list of cars includes customized modified vehicles that find a special mention.

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Let us bring to you some of these frenzied designed four wheels that he re modeled to suit his taste and interests. Nothing genuine about them too!

1. Modified Hyundai Santro

Modified Hyundai Santro

The household name Santro from the Korean Car Giant was in for a big treat when it got a comprehensive remake by the messenger of God. And surely he has even left Hyundai’s Research and Development team far behind when it came to perceiving new ideas and design languages. Just look at the front end! Leaves you awestruck!

The face exudes some hint of the design language of the then Jaguar S Type together with housing the dual circular headlights from the W 203 Mercedes C Class. History repeats itself and Baba has made it happen with the most reliable cheap offerings, Santro, which was a hit in the Indian Market.

2. Modified Maruti Gypsy

Modified Maruti Gypsy

Well what was Baba thinking?
A futuristic car or a bigger replica of the fancy toy cars of children! Indeed, the Gypsy had to completely loose its identity and soul after having undergone this rigorous transformation to a completely bizarre design.(Swarg Prapt Hua Unko..)
Oh come on! At least have mercy on this front runner tried and tested off roader from Maruti Suzuki that has won a million hearts in India.

3. Bugatti Veyron Replica

Bugatti Veyron Replica

This one takes the cherry on the cake!
Who doesn’t crave for supercars in their garages even if they have to be modified!

Bugatti Veyron Replica 1

Baba took the easy way out and chose the reliable Japanese Samurai, the Honda Accord V6’s body shell to make it practical. The engine heart remains the same and on the outside, we are greeted with an honest facsimile of the energetic and ferocious Bugatti Veyron which is still not up to the mark.
The interiors of the car are a straightaway pick from the older Accord V6.

Bugatti Veyron Replica 2

One wants to look different while driving and Ram Rahim’s duplicate Bugatti indeed catches attention with its funny looking exterior looks and out of the box green and yellow colour combination. Add to this the Z level of government security provided to him while driving this car. A VIP status for the Messenger of God!
The front grille is a typical heart shaped design instead of the trademark Bugatti horse shoe magnet.

Guru’s message of Love reaffirmed! Oh really!
This does remind us of Baba’s song “You are my love charger.”, which you cannot argue with indeed.
We can’t hold our laughter!

4. Agro Jetter

Agro Jetter

Even the two wheelers are not spared from Baba’s frantic car collection.
This time it’s the famous Hero Honda Karizma that bites the dust and it is in to be revamped to a Piaggio MP3 Scooter. From carving out of the box designs for tried and tested cars, Baba now gives India’s most loved and preferred bike a complete rebuilding for a noble cause. It was introduced with the idea to provide medical facilities in the rural areas and to aid the doctors with the medicines and essential supplies.
There goes! A first hint of his huge fan following! Hahaha!

5. Duplicate Hummer

Duplicate Hummer

Finally the big monster from General Motors, sorry the fake remake of the renowned beast too finds its place in Ram Rahim’s possession. Owning a Hummer truly makes one feel the king of the road and Baba didn’t want to deprive himself of that joy and indeed made it come true with a revamped iteration.

customized off roader

Another customized off roader also makes its presence felt and this conveys Baba’s liking and interest for exciting adventure trips and excursions.

We have given our honest opinion on five of his cars…Now we would like you to give your verdict seeing his other modified cars so we will eliminate the text and let the pictures do the talking.


Sprots Car


Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Comments (3)

Ishaan Chakarvarti

original silver is better than fake gold


Naman mandawewala

It is not just a replica but an innovation for youngsters to design their own supercar by taking idea from real supercars.This is not a copy but an innovative idea for creating more supercars.


Naman mandawewala

It is not just a replica but an innovation for youngsters to design their own car by taking idea from supercars.This is not just a copy but an innovative idea for creating more supercars


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