1. PM Narendra Modi and his flagship ride "BMW 760Li High Security Edition"

PM Narendra Modi and his flagship ride "BMW 760Li High Security Edition"

02nd January 2017

Reverence and honour behold the person who has sacrificed so much for the country. Leaving behind his family & home, he is on a mission to serve the nation wholeheartedly without any distractions. The person whom we are featuring today is our esteemed Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. In today’s blog, we will be drawing similarities between the great leader and the German Automaker BMW while concluding that why indeed the ultra-luxurious and time tested 7-series has been chosen as his mode of transport.

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Our PM’s native place is Vadnagar, Mehsana district of Mumbai that is present day Gujarat and home to numerous production houses and industries, which give a direct boost to our Gross Domestic Product annually.

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BMW comes from Bavaria (West Germany), a federal state which is a main contributor to the national economy much in the line of Gujarat. The fervor, passion, zeal and enthusiasm with which the natives of this Indian state celebrate festivals are replicated by their western counterparts in the form of Oktoberfest and some distinct elements of alpine symbolism. So put together, we get to see a deep insight into the rich cultural heritage and tradition of both places which is duly followed by people diligently even in the present day 21st century.

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Modi Ji has a progressive and a far sighted vision with an enterprising frame of mind. The ‘Make in India’ concept has won accolades and appreciation world over for its impetus to our economy. Likewise BMW stands for performance, quality, exclusivity, reliability and a fuss free ownership experience. These characteristics help to appreciate the hard work, devotion and commitment of the team of engineers to manufacture one of the finest incomparable brands and be reputed for pioneering new ideas, perceptions, design theories and putting it into practice while revolutionizing the automotive industry as a whole. Manufacturing vehicles in India and sourcing raw materials and components, while keeping the localization content on a high and also conferring to the international standards is an exemplary attempt by BMW to conform to the ‘Make in India’ initiative earnestly.

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Silencing the opposition and critics smartly while delivering the message aptly is where we can draw a parallel between them. The demonetization move which drew a lot of flak and criticism was handled with immense patience by our ever visionary and capable PM and has reassured the nation that this move will be a long term gainer.

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The BMW customers and auto journalists have always criticized the run flat tyres and stiff ride quality. But one can be assured that even in the face of a break down, the car will still get you safely to the nearest help centre or the destination. Despite repeated feedbacks, the beemer comes with the same tyre configuration instilling confidence and trust among people to try out this out-of-the-box technology and feel how it matches their expectations.

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Modi Ji has kept it simple and strong without being too loud in his speeches on special occasions and events and his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on FM Radio is a big hit with the public. In a similar manner the flagship 7-Series from the Bavarian stable boasts of cleaner and simpler lines. Being a tad understated and not too flamboyant and extravagant lends it a royal charm of its own while portraying a supreme image in one’s subconscious mind.

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A beast on wheels, that is known to keep all speculations and apprehensions away and putting a big smile on your face with its stupendous acceleration and best-in-class driving dynamics. It is for this simple reason why it is revered and respected by automobile enthusiast world over because every moment spent with this car is like a dream come true. It swivels one around the sporty interior design theme along with the latest generation iDrive system that simply enthralls a person to the next level.

BMW-7-series-interiorsource - indianautosblog

The example used by our Prime Minister is a top-of-the-line 760Li Security Edition with all the safety goodies and latest generation technology features to ensure maximum protection while on the move. The vehicle complies with the VR7 grade of ballistic missile protection and some critical parts also meet the VR9 grade of protection standard. The car is loaded with a back-up oxygen tank and the cabin quickly turns itself into a gas safe chamber in the event of a gas attack. A self-sealing fuel tank, that does not explode under any given situation and is tested again to ensure its reliability and accuracy. On board, one is welcomed by a fire fighting system, thick layered bullet proof windows and a secret emergency exit which has been inspired from Obama’s much acclaimed Cadillac.

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Armored plates beneath the car relieve you of the tension of any bomb or mine so that one can continue his journey undeterred.

The car has a breathtaking ability to run on flat tyres for miles and boasts of special heat sensors to keep the bomb and missiles at bay.

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A 5972cc engine housing 544bhp of power and 750Nm of torque make things rather easy for a car of this size which is fitted with so many additional safety gadgets. A 0-100kmph timing of 6.1 seconds with a top speed of 210kmph is sufficient enough to know the caliber and potential of this engine despite the incremental in the chassis and overall body weight. Introduction of the new Rs. 2000 note can once again draw a parallel with BMW which has now brought in its 2-Litre petrol and diesel engines across the entire product portfolio as a result of the recent NGT ban so as to be active in the cut throat competition and deliver the same joy and sheer driving pleasure in a smaller iteration and package as on the lines of its bigger 3-litre engines.

The PM has his task clearly defined to deliver the best for the nation while the BMW continues to fascinate and enthrall people with its timeless technology and novelty and delivering an uncompromised pleasurable rides.


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