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  1. Mazda MX-5 Miata – The ‘BAAP’ of All

Mazda MX-5 Miata – The ‘BAAP’ of All

04th August 2016
Mazda MX-5 Miata – The ‘BAAP’ of All

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."

Speed and power are generally synonyms for supercars made for race tracks and Flyin Miata ain't an exception. The 2-seater lightweight roadster comes from the house of Japanese carmaker, Mazda; hence perfection is something that runs in its veins. Peek inside this small compact convertible and you will get the feel that it's rather tightly packed. But tightly packed with what? It is the HORSEPOWER! It first made its public appearance at the Chicago Auto Show in 1989 and since then MX-5 Miata is ruling or better to say, dominating the supercar market internationally.

In simple terms, Mazda MX-5 Miata is the amalgamation of glass and steel that gets converted into adrenaline and emotion. The front-mounted SKYACTIV-G 2.0-litre V8 engine that comes with rear-wheel drive, 16 valves and 4 cylinders is capable of churning out a whopping power of 525PS @6000rpm and a peak torque of 663Nm @4600rpm.

engine-of-Miata-MX-5 Source:

The same engine powers the Chevrolet Corvette whereas the major changes done in the MX-5 Miata include a new 6-speed manual Tremec T56 transmission gearbox and Chevrolet Camaro SS's rear differential. The suspension and the brakes too have been upgraded in the convertible along with other improved important mechanical changes that support the enhanced power.

Though the new Mazda MX-5 Miata has seen a lot of improvisation and add-ons, the supercar has gained a reasonable weight of 119 kilograms. Do not forget that the car is tamed to deliver 370PS of additional power to balance with the increased weight, so the weight can be easily valuated. In fact, the weight distribution, for which Miata is quite popular, remains relatively unaffected at 53.4:46.6 (against 52:48 stock).

As far as the design is concerned, the award speaks it all! Yes, Mazda MX-5 Miata has been awarded with the 2016 World Car of the Year Award by the World Car Awards in the month of March. This is the result of the hard work and dedication with which its last four generations have been working to give the world an authentic and lightweight supercar. What makes this roadster the protagonist among the car enthusiasts is its open-air driving style that make you experience something new every time you get behind the wheel. This is the reason, why MX-5 is the best-selling convertible of its time.

Bugatti-Veyron Source:

The Japanese carmaker has also improvised the 6-speed manual transmission gearbox that is now lighter and smaller than its predecessors without compromising on the front of precision and performance. Adding more to the performance of this roadster is the rigid yet lightweight SKYACTIV-Chassis that also provide stability and nimbleness to the vehicle. The MX-5 Miata is already making a spur in the market and is topping the ladder in the popular sports car chart in India. Though not official, the price of this roadster in India will be somewhere around Rs. 33.36 lakh.


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