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  1. Making India 3-D : Dwell, Develope, Design!

Making India 3-D : Dwell, Develope, Design!

03rd November 2017
Making India 3-D : Dwell, Develope, Design!

One Step at a time!

The Newly painted 3-D Zebra Crossing in Delhi look Nothing less than a Scene Straight out of a Hollywood Flick. Now even zebra crossings are turning into 3-D and you still watch movies in 2-D!

Following the lead of India, Iceland too has started making 3-D art paintings while designing pedestrian crossing across the country!
These crossings are pretty fun to cross as people are often seen jumping through the steps and I’m pretty sure these are just not kids who want to do that!


Although people usually diss their kids for such dementia tic demands, but how long can you keep the excitement hidden?
Exactly, not too long!

Here, have a look!

You can see how madly people are loving this, and with people I mean pedestrians only as riders are normally scared out of their wits when they first see this, and instead of running mad they have to slow down straight from 100 to 30 km/h.

Making India 3-D : Dwell, Develope, Design!source - hdwallpapers

Imagine, driving on an already “uneven” road with this sorta view in front of your eyes!
Now, what would you do?

Pull over or risk letting the front bumper hit the white stripes?
I would prefer the second one once I’ll have a car!
Until then here’s how you can avoid being the laughing stock!

During Days

  • Look for how other cars are travelling over it with such ease and just follow suit!
  • Be calm and presentable and pretend like you’ve been doing since you were born!
    (Think of it as an interview, I’m sure you’re very good at lying!)
  • Look for the sun and whether the shadows are where they should have been or if it’s a cloudy whether, then why are there shadows at all?


During Nights

  • It’s rather simple to judge in night as there shouldn’t be a shadow at all!
  • If someone tries to make fun of you by jumping through the steps, run the car over him.
    (PS: All the things mentioned here are purely fictional and a work of art!)
  • Just for fun, if you know where this has been plotted, put the car in full throttle and run past it as fast as you can to show people about who’s the boss here! (Disclaimer: Same as above!)

Now you know the roads, and you might be looking for a car to experience it fully? Don’t worry, we at BBT have got this sorted for you!


Making India 3-D

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