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  1. Lamborghini Gallardo Noctis Review

Lamborghini Gallardo Noctis Review

29th May 2017
Lamborghini Gallardo Noctis Review

Intimidation at its best.

In the world of exotic car manufacturing, building cars is often referred to as 'Art' or 'Craftsmanship'. Exotic supercars are regarded as the pinnacle of automotive expression and perfection, justifying their manufacturing process being call craftsmanship. These cars are not mass produced, but are hand crafted with utmost dedication and passion that no one else has for a mere automobile.


And who else can be more emotional about their cars other than the Italians! They have made a name for themselves in the world as a country so emotionally attached with cars that small cities like Sant'Agata Bolognese are primarily employed by car dealerships and manufacturing facilities.

One such player in the world of Italian exotics is who needs no introduction. The raging yellow bull on its crest is enough for people to recognise it around the world. Yes, we are talking about Lamborghini. Renowned the world over for their characteristic edgy and fighter jet inspired cars which need skills to tame, Lamborghinis are cherished a lot by Indians due to its badass and outlaw image.

One such Lamborghini is the Gallardo LP560-4 'Noctis'. The gallardo, is often referred to as the baby lambo, the smaller sibling of the bigger V12 models from Lamborghini. It features a not so small V10 engine from the company's finest engineers using the limited but significant F1 racing experience. But the Gallardo we are talking about is not the ordinary. It is the special Noctis edition specific to the Chinese market, thus making it way more exclusive. It in fact, is the only car of its kind in India. Driven by Sonakshi Sinha herself in the music video of her song 'Ishqholic', the car does not get any more exclusive. The LP (Longitudinal Posteriore) in the name defines the engine mounting in the car which is longitudinal and rear-mid engined. Keep reading for in in depth review of the car!

Exterior Looks

Lamborghinis have always been the flashiest cars to look at, and the Noctis is no different. With a dark blue and silver dual tone body paint, it manages to look classy and aggressive at the same time.

It has signature Lamborghini flair with 19 inch exclusive design alloy wheels and big yellow brake calipers hiding behind them.

The glass engine cover, circular exhaust pipes that make a racket and the standout aggressive spoiler at the back complete the theme for a super car. Most people love the way a Gallardo looks. It is for those who want to announce their arrival. If you want a discreet car, look away!


Looking at the exterior you almost forget about the interior completely, but the Italians do not disappoint! It is a cozy yet extremely luxurious place to be. The twin bucket seats lined in black leather along with the noteworthy soft and smooth grey alcantara feel plush to touch and do a commendable job as they hold you in the most extreme of G forces and........... are super comfortable!!!

 The dashboard, also covered in leather and alcantara features the gear shift lever, A/C controls and the Infotainment system screen.

Above the infotainment screen however are three gauges which show the engine oil pressure, temperature and battery voltage for the most hardcore of car lovers. Extending in length in between the driver and the passenger, the dashboard gives a cockpit like feel. However the best piece has to be the steering wheel with paddle shifters which just oozes sporty dynamics.

The Drive

The most important aspect of any Lamborghini is the way it drives, after all it is a super car. The Gallardo with its 5.2 litre V10 engine and a 6 speed E-Gear transmission along with launch control and additional 40 BHP from the previous version makes it go like a rocket. The way it just grips off the line and shoots you down any road is a feeling beyond explanation. The key to its almost impossible levels of grip is the 4 wheel drive system which sends power to all four wheels limiting wheel spin, which mostly is wasted energy. The handling of the gallardo is best described as race-car like.

With its big rear spoiler and aerodynamic body shape, its cuts through wind at high speeds while being rock solid on the road and in turns. The wide Pirelli super sport tyres also ensure full control. All this adds up to a 0-100 km/hr time of just 3.2 seconds and a top speed north of 300 km/hr, which is all possible due to the 560 raging bullpow-, I mean horsepower its engine makes! You need not worry about braking either as big disc brakes all around with gigantic 6 pot calipers are more than enough to shed speed as fast as it was gained. But enough about numbers and specifications.

A lamborghini is beyond that. A lamborghini when driven, demands its driver's full attention, it demands his full respect and care. It an emotional connection between man and machine that is further enhanced by the godlike wail of a V10 engine. Only the Italians do it this way. Their cars are not perfect. They have small quirks and shortcomings. They are not as reliable as the Germans. But what sets them apart is, their quirks. They allow you to have a human bond with the car, unlike the feelingless bond between a man and a machine.

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