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  1. Hummer H2: The most envied possession of Mika Singh

Hummer H2: The most envied possession of Mika Singh

12th May 2017
Hummer H2: The most envied possession of Mika Singh

'Saawan Mein Lag Gayi' Aag set the tune rolling for the melodious compositions to follow.

The younger brother of Daler Mehndi, Mika Singh has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood and is a strong competitor to his contemporaries.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhsource - starkhoji

Unfazed by controversies, the ever resilient Mika Singh's songs usually merit a top position in the chartbusters.

And what better than the Hummer that fits the bill perfectly and conforms to Mika Singh's strong vibrant personality and attitude.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhtsource - wallpapercave

The all- time American automotive brand Hummer is indeed a hit with ardent SUV lovers.

Its renowned legacy and tradition to manufacture some of the most hardcore off road vehicles ever are surely one to reckon with and adding to the X factor quotient are the macho presence and muscular styling that have played a catalytic role in stealing the limelight for the brand.

A slight glimpse into Hummer's history takes us back to the year 1979 when the United States Army was looking out for contractors to build a "High Mobility Purpose Wheeled Vehicle" that could follow the steps of full sized trucks as an adept extension.

The contract was given to AM General Corporation which came out with a prototype model as per the requirements and it did work out.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhsource - majorsurplus

The vehicle, popularly known as the Humvee superseded the expectations of the US Army and slowly and steadily the entire supply was given to AM corporation which then manufactured this multipurpose all terrain military vehicle in various versions and editions for the American forces.

The immense success of the Humvee was an open invitation for AM Corporation to roll out a civil iteration and make a name for itself amongst the general public.

The year 1992 saw the first civilian edition of the Humvee, known as the Hummer H1. A replication of the M 998 Humvee, the H1 garnered instant success and people were in love with its rugged looks and power packed performance.

The law of averages did catch up with AM Corporation as the most preferred and liked brand Hummer was sold to General Motors in the year 1998.

The previous success stories of the H1 was an impetus for GM to carry on the marketing and distribution in full force along with introducing new models in Hummer's lineup such as the H2 and H3.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhsource - wikia

The most fancied and preferred of the lot along with being the one that turned fortunes for Hummer was indeed the H2, an SUV that derived its major styling cues from its elder brother the H1 and used majority of parts from the GM trucks.

And yes of course, if H2 makes news worldwide across the globe then definitely it has to be a part of the exotic garages of our ever popular Bollywood Superstars.

Mika Singh has made a stylish and impressionable statement with his most exotic and grand possession, the Hummer H2.

The car which is done up in a special fancy orange exterior shade even made Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood's most admired actor fall head over heels in love with the beast during one of his meetings with Mika Singh that prompted the singer to offer him a long drive in his SUV.

Exterior Front

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

The H2 lends a supreme impression on the onlookers with its XXL dimensions.

The front end looks authoritative and commanding courtesy the chrome garnish radiator grille with seven vertical rectangular slats.

The attractive and purposeful circled headlamps along with the square shaped turn indicators accentuate the appeal to a great extent.

The protective chrome finished grill guard upfront along with the underneath cladding (for sheer off-roading) lend this monster a behemoth stance and make it duly stand out together with conferring it a unique and distinctive identity.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

The side profile is extremely intimidating with those huge and bulky alloy wheels, classic boxy styling, large doors and pronounced wheel arches, side steps and the famed H2 badging, all of which give this Hummer a mighty stance.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

The gigantic rear end also becomes the talk of the town with its imposing looks courtesy the spare wheel carrier and the vertical arrangement of the square shaped braking lights with a healthy dose of chrome outlining. The eye catchy roof cross bars raise the fervor and excitement levels for one's favorite adventure trip.

Breathtaking Interiors

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

The Hummer H2 scores high with regard to a plush and supreme cabin ambience and experience.

The high quality of materials used on the dashboard is simply next to none and give a typical built to last feeling.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

Credit needs to be given to the fine leather finished seats that come with a power heating function thereby setting new benchmarks in the segment.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

The large sized central screen is home to a variety of information meriting your undivided attention, which also doubles up as a navigation and rear parking camera display. Its crystal clear graphics with ease of toggling is an added advantage for first timers driving the Hummer H2.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

One is also greeted by the Rear Seat Entertainment system that gets two provocative screens which are prewired and mounted on the back of the front headrests. A DVD player is also on offer along with a pair of wireless headphones.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

The second row of seats boast of commendable legroom but because of the upright backrest (cannot be reclined backwards) one might not be able to get the required convenience needed on a relaxed cruising.

An option of third row seating is also available but it is strictly recommended for children and short passengers because of the absence of legroom as the second row of seats don't slide forward.

On the whole, the H2's interior is a perfect fusion of opulence, luxury and practicality for its discerning clients.

A gigantic heart within!

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhsource - seriouswheels

The Hummer H2 sports a colossal 6.2L, V8 engine that puts out a mighty 393bhp along with 563Nm of hefty torque that is mated to a six speed automatic transmission unit. It puts a big smile on your face with its astonishing performance and one doesn't get the feeling that the engine is taxed due to H2's heavy kerb weight.

A slight kick down does take you by surprise as one gets pinned to the backseat with sudden force.

The H2's spitfire 0-100kmph acceleration timing of 8.6 seconds is truly enticing and mesmerizing and it goes on to touch it's top whack of close to 180kmph with sheer confidence and determination.

The seamless shifts of the six speed gearbox are one to be admired as it elevates the excitement levels to an all new stature.

The transmission gets a manual mode for the passionate enthusiasts who wish to derive maximum joy from their driving experience.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhsource - wikimedia

Driving the hulk akin H2 around in town isn't a herculean task as one might think considering its gigantic size.

Positive putty in store!!!


The steering wheel grips perfectly in your hands and comes with the power assist feature meaning that you won't need to really exert extra amount of pressure to take tight turns in city traffic or negotiate your way through bottlenecks and congestions.

Add to that the high driving position which enables the driver to have an unobstructed view upfront.

The H2 despite being based on a ladder on frame chassis offers a commendable ride quality thereby soaking in most of the bumps and tarmac undulations. The Hummer has an unnoticeable body roll while accelerating hard but however there is a slight dive when braking from fast speeds.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singhsource - wallpaperup

Fun truly awaits you when the Hummer H2 is taken for the most challenging off road adventure trip. Its exemplary ability to tackle almost any difficult terrain head on is due the short front and negligible rear overhangs that translate into noteworthy figures of 42 degree approach angle and 38 degree departure angle.

It can even drive through 20 inches of water and maintain a solid traction underwater. Drain plugs are fitted on the floor that release water if it enters the cabin. And it does not end here. The Hummer H2 can climb a 16 inch vertical incline or mountain and can counter a 40% side slope effectively. Underbody skid plates and shield material ensure that the H2 doesn't scrape through or rub against the obstacles or hard surfaces on an off-road terrain.

Hummer H2-The most envied possession of Mika Singh

Not the run of the mill SUVs. Despite its rugged looks, the Hummer is very much in popular demand and Mika's most sought after possession can motivate the enthusiasts to own one. Try it out at Big Boy Toyz.

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