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  1. How Owning Supercars in India can be made practical and inexpensive

How Owning Supercars in India can be made practical and inexpensive

16th February 2017
How Owning Supercars in India can be made practical and inexpensive

"Supercars are meant to be sexy, extreme and potentially dangerous, They are on earth to help us connect with our most primeval instincts."
By Jeremy Clarkson

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The aural bliss of the exhaust notes is truly captivating and the pinning back effect to your driver’s seat is a treat in itself.

  Sports Cars rule the roost when it comes to catching the limelight on the roads and they enchant us with their breathtaking dynamics and stupendous acceleration.

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A mere sight of an exotic beauty is enough to send one into raptures of ecstasy, and moreover so when the person imagines himself in possession of the car.

Though the supercars come expensive, here are some suggestions, if followed, can make the route of buying a luxury car easy and affordable for you:-

Inclusion of Pre-owned Exotic collections increases your model options

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The joy of having a gorgeous and modern supercar in your prestigious garage is simply unmatched and can take a person to cloud nine.

Getting a glimpse of the exotic machine every day in one’s garage is itself a moment to cherish and feel special.

This truly exhibits your feelings and affections for the one renowned brand you appreciate be it a Lamborghini, Ferrari or flagship sports cars from the German stable of Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

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The idea and plan to purchase any one of these alluring cars require quite a lot of mind work with consideration of many choices apart from giving a thought to a particular variant, color, engine specification and year of manufacture.

In India, these cars are imported by the respective companies in the form of Completely Built Units (CBU) and are sent to the authorized car dealerships based on a specific number of orders and buyers' commitments after receiving the full payments.

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This entails time and can take up to 5-6 months also, as the production generally takes place at specific intervals during a year and a set order of cars is dispatched in batches to other countries.

As a result, the buyer’s interest diminishes over a period of time and that thrill to be one with your dream car remains a distant reality.

Some people speculate that prices can also shoot up due to a change in the exchange rates and fluctuation of economic conditions.


To overcome these challenges and barriers and to reaffirm that buying and owning a supercar for a lifetime isn’t that tedious and expensive, we suggest that a potential buyer in the market should definitely consider the foremost option of a Pre-Owned supercar.

The Indian luxury car market is extremely dynamic and volatile and the customers want to try out every model available to satiate their desires, be it an admired classic four wheeler or a rare variant that is made to order and has limited availability.

The rising standard of living along with a high disposable income enables more people to be included in the group to buy the exotic vehicles.

It’s a general understanding that as the launch of a new iteration of a particular model takes place, the older models become slightly cheaper and appeal to a wider audience out there wanting to get the hands on experience.

Renowned pre-owned car dealerships across India truly research the discerning customer’s needs and preferences and house such exotic cars in their showrooms.

A true car passionate at heart won’t mind spending a little less but purchasing the model as desired for since long.

The concept is fast catching up in India as it is being viewed as the next best alternative to fulfill your appetite for supercars and be a satisfied customer. In the process, the waiting time for the customer is drastically reduced. The notion of pre-owned cars has truly revolutionized the entire automobile industry in India by quite an extent.


A person in love with the 2017 Ferrari California would have to shell out close to Rs. 4 Crores (on-road, Delhi). Plus, on the flip side, if the dealers are not able to give a definite time commitment as to delivering the car, this may turn the buyer away to other better alternatives.


He can get the same attention while cruising down the street, say in a 2011 California that is less driven available for close to Rs. 2 crores and being a Ferrari, it will never compromise on the brand's appeal and always have a distinct identity of its own.

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Quoting the example of Big Boy Toyz in Gurgaon, a super exotic car dealership with a humongous 36000 sq. feet showroom is the home to almost 120 plus supercars from prestigious brands. It has quickly made a big name for itself by offering a 6-month warranty for the car purchased along with a Buy Back Policy in case the client wants to resell and exchange with another model, that too with a very less depreciation rate of only 25%.

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Its stringent 151 checkpoints and Zero Tolerance Policy assure customers that cars procured by Big Boy Toyz conform to established quality standard along with undergoing a thorough National Crime Record check.

Apart from this, providing the buyer with a full history of service records earns goodwill in the long run and brings in repeated business.

An Investment for Lifetime

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Procuring one of your much-awaited supercars is indeed enticing and in the times to come, it becomes a companion.

Being an ardent fan of the exotic brand you bought, the everyday care and maintenance you offer to your prized possession will simply be of unmatched quality and these efforts do bear long-term results.

The Bollywood actor, Imran Khan, a proud owner of a 2011 Ferrari California also portrays some of these characteristics and proudly proclaims that his love for the Italian brand is unlikely to die for.

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A one-time purchase for many car enthusiasts out there, the sheer level of dedication and passion within them is exhibited by considering each and every meticulous detail with regard to minimizing exterior body scratches, the ambiance of the faultless cabin and timely updates of service intervals and insurance payments.

This indeed can save a lot of money during the course of ownership experience and can eliminate many people’s speculation and apprehension that owning supercars are expensive.

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Following proper guidelines from the company's experts regarding genuine after-market installations is an added feather in the cap in your arsenal and clears out the doubts with regards to which one is easy on the pocket and best suits a supercar of such cadre.

According to the Automotive Lease Guide in Santa Barbara, California, pre-owned cars looked after in the right way can appreciate in their value and qualify to be a collector’s item at the end of the day. As a result, the particular vehicle in question, if meeting the stringent quality checkpoints of various renowned pre–owned luxury car showrooms, is procured by them in their stock for selling again.

This plays a catalytic role in the next purchase along with providing a strong justification of the amount spent.


For example, the classic and sporty 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider, being one of the rare machines of its time in India, can command a hefty price tag of close to Rs. 1.35 Crore and the credit goes to the discerning owners who left no stone unturned in its upkeep, thereby going well with the established and accepted standards and keeping the brand tradition and philosophy alive.


One does get a sense of satisfaction when he gets a profitable margin on re-selling his exquisitely maintained supercar and it truly counts as an incentive for the endeavor and enthusiasm spread over years to look after it and cherish the bygone moments that serves as a source of inspiration for the next purchase.

Everyday Approach Matters

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Being a passionate supercar owner demands a thorough knowledge of the technical specifications of the engine, the recommended oil levels, and the battery charge up along with the tyre maintenance to keep the car in a good shape.

Any negligence can result in a huge amount being spent and as a consequence frame that sort of an image in one’s mind that a particular brand really entails a lot of money to keep it going, whereas, in reality, it is not so.

Buying a sports car and not running it can seriously hamper the mechatronics and the vital functioning of parts.

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Timely interaction with the authorized service centres and sending the car for regular checks can be a boon for both the owner and the vehicle.

The rule book suggests that a person should also go through as to what changes have been conducted by the service mechanics and were they really needed.

Another advice given by the companies to the buyers is not to get their loved machines serviced by local repair shops.

These cars are extremely sophisticated and require a high degree of precision and acumen on the part of the mechanic, which only the authorized service centre personnel can offer.

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The dealership service centres strive to build a long-term relationship with the clients and the advisors working there can significantly guide the buyers on how to modify their driving styles so as to increase the engine’s lifespan and bring down running costs along with giving an honest and unbiased advice on any part replacement.

This reassures the buyers that there is no room for error and if in case any repair or a new installation being done, the prices charged will be fair and genuine along with full warranty on the parts.

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Being careful and meticulous about your prized possession indeed makes up for a fuss free ownership experience. So, we hope that we have set aside your doubts and apprehensions to own a supercar and they do find a place in your list of purchases.

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Nice Blog.Thanks for sharing such a nice information. If you want to visit multiple places in india. Book ganraj travels by affordble rates and fares.For more information visit our website. Hurry up! Cab Service Pune


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