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  1. Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

17th February 2017
Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

United States of America is home to almost all automotive manufacturers across the world and the industry is regarded as one of the prime contributors to the country's annual Gross Domestic Product. The citizens have a choice of a wide variety of fancy cars for their everyday commute as well as hooked up spree for ardent car lovers. On the flip side, car thefts in States continue to be a source of big concern. Although a thriving business in the recent past, it has mellowed down quite a bit due to stringent law enforcement, but is still prevalent throughout the country. Research has claimed that thieves get attracted to special unique and rare versions of a particular brand, with older cars being a major attraction. People in the age group of 20-50 generally constitute the majority gang of carjackers.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The idea conception and how to execute the plan comes from an array of sources which are quite influential, particularly the one being the ever famous playstation game called Grand Theft Auto along with its many editions, which at various stages depicts how to steal vehicles skillfully and accomplish the mission objectives, while not being caught.

The technology in America is progressing rapidly,thus giving a neoteric form for the modus operandi of thieves. They tamper with the sophisticated mechatronics and wiring so as to break through the security barrier of the vehicle.The safest security device of a car is the Electronically Controlled Module, which is regarded as the brain of the car and lets the engine run only if the correct key is present on the spot.

But the high tech thieves, courtesy their laptops decode the ECM code and match it with the codes on their computer thereby generating a Master Key, which comes handy to start the car.

A variety of reasons prompt thieves into stealing luxury cars, the major ones being joyrides with their friends, committing other unlawful acts, forming a like- minded gang and to transport the cars to other countries and switch their identity by modifying the Vehicle Identity Number for reselling. Some of the expensive parts can be taken off and resold at a higher price in a parallel black market.

We bring to you some of the famous cars from the United States that have been an all- time favorite with the thieves.

Audi S8

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

An epitome of sheer and unadulterated power, uncompromised dynamics and agility, the sporty S8 has always been a fantasy vehicle for people who have been Audi's long time brand patrons. Since its formal introduction in 1996, the S8 was positioned above the flagship saloon the A8 and went head to head with the likes of the Mercedes S63 AMG and BMW Alpina B7. The four ringed German brand which is synonymous for progression, technology and paving a path for bringing a revolution in the automotive arena by offering world class products to its discerning customers, left no stone unturned in portraying why the S8 truly leads the pack along with being a pick of the choice in the segment.

Originally launched with the famed 4.2 FSI four wheel drive Quattro system along with skillful exterior and interior specimens in the form of an aluminum alloy door mirror housing, chrome-effect beltline with a lower front grille trim, polished twin exhaust pipes, the S8 badging and of course the standard option of front and rear seat heating, it surely gave a perfect bang for the buck.

The stylish 18 inch alloys lent the colossal and understated S8 a distinct identity.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

From the very beginning the S8 was perceived as a vehicle that satiated a person's desire for stupendous acceleration and an unmatched rear seat comfort. Over its lifetime, it underwent many cosmetic changes and modifications and many features it entailed were segment first in the form of a heated steering, tyre pressure monitoring system and high intensity discharge lamps, particularly for the 2002 iteration of the S8.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

In the year 2005, people witnessed the 5.2 V10 engine, being put to use in this sedan and the motor being a significant evolution of the Lamborghini Gallardo's 5.0 Litre V10 heart. It impressed the critics and journalists with a plethora of features on offer and truly lived up to the expectations of all.

Change is constant and innovation being one of the catalytic forces to get one through amidst the ever fluctuating customer needs and preferences. Post 2010, the world has welcomed with an all new generation of the A8 flagship sedan.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The classic and boxy architecture made way for a more modern age and sophisticated design language. And at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, curtains were unfurled on the latest generation S8 that came with a 4.0 Litre V8 biturbo engine churning out 513 bhp and 650 Nm of torque. Literally a wolf in sheep's clothing, it has the capability to go from 0-100 kmph in a mere 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 250km/hr and even implements the cylinder deactivation technology for better fuel economy.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The year 2013 saw a jump up by almost 100 and 51 in the bhp and torque figures making it 613 bhp and 701 Nm to be precise.

The beauty of the eight speed transmission with manual shifting mode was the main stage focal point to experience this car to eternity.

The dynamic and charming Matrix LED headlamps, along with the sporty front end accentuate its appeal to an altogether different level.

The low slung side view blends perfectly with the horizon and a picturesque landscape behind.

The alluring growl from the exhausts is a delight to hear again and again. With a formidable role in the movie 'Transporter 3' showcasing some breathtaking maneuvers and dynamics along with having won tremendous appreciation and accolades all over, the S8 truly serves as an escape route for the thieves who wish to be one with this monster at least once in their lifetime. It is one of the most frenzied preferences of for them in the United States considering its rarity and uniqueness.


Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The letter 'M' has a deep meaning and significance in the automobile arena for it has truly redefined standards and benchmarks conforming to power, dynamics, quality and reliability in tune with the very brand philosophy of BMW. The M vehicles from the Bavarian stable are high performance versions of the respective normal product portfolio of BMW cars and serve to fulfill the quest of speed along with a racer instinct in a car aficionado. The M5, with all due respect and admiration has truly come across as one of the most thrilling and exciting cars to drive on a twisty race track.

Being manufactured by the Motorsport Division of BMW, the M5 was introduced way back in 1985 and was built on every subsequent platform along with being a strong backbone of each generation and iteration of the 5 series. Making its debut in the E28 version till 2017, the M5 has been revered and honored globally, that some of the classic cars have even qualified to be collector's item at the end of the day and have outlived their age too.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The most fancied preference for all was the E60 variant of the M5 designed by Chris Bangle and it was introduced in the year 2005. It had that typical aura and presence along with exhibiting those typical characteristic traits which an M vehicle from BMW needed to have.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

It set an undisputed legacy and tradition for the brand and counting on its success, an all –new generation of the M5 was introduced in the year 2011, being leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessors.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

A more chiseled exterior appearance with a strong shoulder line gives it a striking presence. The traditional kidney grille along with the wide air intakes accentuates the front appeal. The forged 20 inch alloy wheels along with the side skirting cannot be missed and complement this monster to a great extent.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The beauty of the rear diffuser, integrated boot spoiler and the dual circular exhaust pipes have been a favorite of many. Being inside the faultless and uncluttered cabin of the M5 lends a sense of familiarity and freedom to try out the latest generation gizmos and gadgets on offer.

The 560bhp and 680nm of torque from the propulsive twin charger 4.4 litre V8 is evident from the word go and can break some serious records with a 0-100 kmph sprint timing of 4.4 seconds with an astounding top speed of 305 km/hr, if one opts for the M Driver's package. The M5 truly enchants one and all with its state of the art performance dynamics and being a special edition of the ever famous 5 series, it has always topped the stolen car list around the world.

Chrysler 300

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The much acclaimed American automotive brand has a sound reputation to build some of the most iconic and legendary cars of all times and being one of them is a full size luxury sedan known as the Chrysler 300. Designed by Ralph Gilles, a renowned American-Canadian car designer, the vehicle was shown as a concept car at the 2003 New York Auto Show and it was Chrysler's first vehicle to sport a rear wheel drive setup. In the year 2011, the all new second generation Chrysler 300C was launched which took the market by storm and was a delight for the ardent brand followers.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

Its exteriors present a charm of their own with the upfront radiator grille housing horizontal slats in chrome finish with a stylish silver beltline beneath the headlamps. The lengthy side view with the magnificent detailing alloy wheels does catch your eye. The rear end typically provides a strong reminiscence with the Bentley Mulsanne in terms of the striking vertical shape of the rear braking lights and on the move the Chrysler 300C does turn heads. Its popularity can also be adjudged from the fact that this sedan is an instant choice for customization be it the exterior modifications or the luxurious cabin. This tempts people to go for this particular sedan and since being an American Brand, aftermarket costs are inexpensive and light on the pocket compared to German vehicles. It also consists of a stylish navigation system on board that is an instant attraction for thieves.

The blistering performance from the top of the line 5.7 V8 HEMI motor churning belting out 368 bhp and 527 nm of torque is more than enough to give a feeling of adrenaline rush to a racing enthusiast driving this car. Being famous in America and worldwide, the Chrysler 300C has been on the priority list of thieves from the very start and in the year 2009 almost 143 examples were stolen from the streets of New York.

Cadillac STS

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

The automotive brand that represents sheer power, status and prestige in the most exuberant manner is undoubtedly the American Giant Cadillac. Since ages, a preferred ride option for the diplomats and state heads of many countries has deemed Cadillac to be a sought after car manufacturer of all times. Its entire product portfolio comprising various models represent technology and sophistication to the fullest, particularly the STS which has been an all-time hit with the general public who wish to own one someday. A mid sized four door notchback sedan and a successor of the Cadillac Seville, the STS was produced between the years 2004-2013.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

It underwent subtle design changes over its nine year lifespan along with boasting the best safety features in the segment such as the Lane Departure Warning System and Blind Spot Monitoring System, StabiliTrak which is General Motors special stability control system, along with a plethora of airbags on offer. The car also performed well in the frontal and side impact crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Apart from this securing four and 5 stars respectively for the front and rear seat passenger crash test conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was an added feather in its cap.

The flagship 4.6L NorthStar LH2 V8 engine is an absolute delight to drive and beckons you to push the throttle to the fullest and awaken the beast incarnate within. Riding high on an influential brand, the Cadillac has been a frontrunner in terms of America's stolen cars and it simply beholds everyone with its enchanting presence and a classic interior layout.

Fancied Four Wheeled Fantasies of American Thieves

So here we have outlined the reasons why these high end cars are always on the wish list of car thieves. On the other hand, the car manufacturers have some work on their hands. The reliability of the safety devices need to be reconsidered. The laws have to be more prompt and stringent along with a more cautious approach on the part of the owner to be a deterrent to this menace.

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