1. BMW Z4 Review: Truly Mesmerizing

BMW Z4 Review: Truly Mesmerizing

31st March 2017

There is a simple mantra in life, if you want to get to the top or achieve success, attempt things differently. It kind of differentiates you from the crowd following a set pattern of working style to attain the same goal. Now this theory can also be applied to one’s social circle to a large extent and people go out of their way to show off their brand new wrist watches, latest generation Iphones and what all to seek attention & be in the limelight. What really becomes the distinguishing factor is when one arrives in style and for that we have some famous luxury sedans & SUVs doing honors & hogging the spotlight. If we go slightly off track and present to you a gorgeous set of four wheels that will leave you spellbound & head in heels love with this beauty, you begin to imagine the design cues & take yourself back to the sketching board.

Innovation is the key catalytic force here and players especially in the automotive sector are diligently working on it and coming out with new concepts & design language for their customers, this one being a two door hard top convertible from the Bavarian stable known as the BMW Z4. The pronunciation of the letter Z is different but for this car it is widely known as ‘Zeee,’ amongst automotive enthusiasts generating a substantial amount of flavor & character in its personality.


We have been testing & driving BMWs for quite a long time and are surely in love with their engine response, stiffer chassis & dynamics. The way the car engages a person is simply outstanding and begs you to go faster and makes you feel one with the car. The look of the present model lineup in India from the dynamic 3 series to the flagship 7 series is understated and sophisticated while making its presence felt in a significant way. Talking about roadsters & sportsters, yes they do tend to spice up the style & X factor quotient and that is very well exemplified by the Z4 in person.

Exterior Looks


This special roadster comes across as a very different Bavarian beast on first impressions. The striking thing is the low slung design with a large bonnet and a stubby rear end. It is further complemented by the low belt line running beautifully from the front to the back indicating a fusion of a classic roadster with a modern day design language. Almost all European car designers have a characteristic trait to come out with newfangled and neoteric design architectures in their production models and so is the case with the eye catching Z4.

4-Bmw-Z4-Review-source -team-bhp

The legendary & traditional kidney grilles slightly protrude out and are brushed in silver accents & chrome. LED daytime driving lights, in the form of corona rings provides reminiscence with the other BMW Models sold in the country.


The roll over bars in a special silver shade exhibit a contrasting look to the exquisite paint finish and at the same time provide a sense of security & safety in the event of a crash or collision. The showstopper hard top, the real purpose for which this car garners eye balls takes a mere 19 seconds to cover the occupants at the touch of a button and the execution is done in a very meticulous way leaving no room for error.

6-Bmw-Z4-Review-source - team-bhp

When viewed side on there is a sweeping line emanating from the back of the headlights right up till the doors which visually enhances the length of the car. A new and unique shape emerges and the commuters & motorcyclists strain their necks to take a second look at this supreme beauty when driven on Indian roads thereby making the innovative design philosophy by BMW the talk of the town.


Cabin Ambience

The interiors of the z4 roadster are slightly different from the usual lineup we get but still bear the family resemblance. A sporty steering on offer is what all the enthusiasts would want all day attacking corners & deriving maximum output from this car.


The Idrive screen pops out on turning the ignition which can be toggled for more information related to car settings & mechatronics, service interval schedule , chassis setting etc. We really admire the black leather interior layout by BMW to keep things sophisticated and sporty.


This particular car gets a yellow shade finishing on the beneath layer of the dashboard that complements the exterior colour of the car.The air conditioning controls are in the form of four rotary dials and upon inspection you can really see the hard work & sheer dedication of the German engineers to maintain quality standards & also avoid a cluttered console appearance.

Engine and Driving Dynamics

10-Bmw-Z4-Review-source -ebizautos

A mighty beast is truly recognized by what it possesses within itself. The Z4 sports a 3 liter straight six turbocharged petrol engine with close to 302 bhp on tap and a wide rev band ranging between 1300-5000 rpm. Now these figures are close to its main rival the Mercedes Benz SLK 350, but we are not doing a comparison test here.

source - youtube

There is a decent amount of grunt upon starting the engine but it won’t be that hair-raising like the ones we hear on legendary sports cars of high cadre. From the company’s point of view which is aiming to target niche buyers, this car represents everyday practicality along with some weekend fun on long trips. The BMW Z4 has a low seating position to offer, placed just ahead of the rear axles that is accentuated by a low center of gravity.The transverse & longitudinal G forces work in perfect synchrony to provide an unmatched driving experience.Acceleration response is brisk and addictive and propels the sheer racing instinct within a person. A 0-100 dash takes under 6 seconds with an electronically top speed of 250 km/hr.

11-Bmw-Z4-Review-source - bmwblog

Transmission duties are taken care by a 7 speed DCT gearbox offering the advantage of a dual clutch which gives you an option to either shift the car automatically or enjoy the company of the paddle shifters. BMWs have always been known to offer three driving modes which are comfort, sport & sport plus.

1Bmw-Z4-Review-source - team-bhp

The difference between the first two is very prominent with regard to engine response and driving dynamics and moreover in the second mode ,the steering & seat belts get tighter and the car speeds up like a bull raring to go. The third mode switches off the Traction Control wherein one gets ecstatic enjoying the sheer rear wheel drive capability of this car.

13-Bmw-Z4-Review-source - autotechreview

Z4's 50:50 weight distribution enhances its added agility, on-road dynamics and corner tackling abilities and trust us, enthusiasts will not be disappointed. The suspension is on the stiffer side and be it any mode in which you are driving, rough road patches, undulations and potholes will surely bother you every time you encounter them, but there is no hinderance to the joyful drive. Due to a low ground clearance there is a risk & danger that the underbelly can touch speed breakers and may catch you unawares.

14-Bmw-Z4-Review-source - team-bhp

At the end of the day, apprehensions & speculations take a back seat after having driven a BMW. The tag of the best driver’s car in the world being crowned on this beautiful machine is evident when it matches all your expectations & puts a big smile on your face. But for now the JOY to own one & sheer driving pleasure uncompromised find a perfect match at Big Boy Toyz.


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