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  1. 5 Reasons why the Ford Mustang is the perfect sports car for India!

5 Reasons why the Ford Mustang is the perfect sports car for India!

15th June 2017
5 Reasons why the Ford Mustang is the perfect sports car for India!

The Ford Motor Company up until recently had been regarded as a budget manufacturer in India. But boy did they have a trick up their sleeve, or should I say pony trick up their sleeve? Yes the recent launch of the legendary American muscle car in India has sparked outrage in the Indian luxury car market. Up until now, Indians had only seen Mustangs in videos and movies (Hint: Eleanor) but now we can buy them for ourselves. Here are the 5 reasons it is perfect for India.

1. Value for Money

the Ford Mustang 5.0

The Mustang offers unparalleled value for money being priced at 67 Lakhs when new. For your A6 buying money you get a 5 litre american V8 capable of 400 horses with bucket loads of torque. It all comes wrapped in the sexy coupe bodyshell along with a growly exhaust note unique to a V8 and no others. This is much more than the luxury A6 or E class saloon that your 'regular' luxury car owners buy.

2. Cult Appeal

the Ford Mustang Cult Appeal

The Mustang is one of the few automobiles on Earth which has created a name and image for itself like no other. A Mustang represents raw power and brute force of a horse. This along with a 2 door sloping roofline create a rolling theatrical masterpiece on the road which Indians love.

3. Track Ability

The mustang along with being a flashy muscle car also fulfills its sports car moniker as it has ample track ability without breaking down. Also, with the modern chassis, this one handles corners well too! All the power is harnessed beautifully by the chassis and the V8 is never short of breath. The power figures are not only for show on paper but can propel it from 0 to a 100 km/hr in only 4.5 seconds and onto a top speed of 260 km/hr.

4. Daily Driveability

Unlike other sports and exclusive super cars from other manufacturers, the mustang has decent ground clearance to tackle India's pothole ridden roads. Coming with a host of features like backup sensors and camera, 6 speed ZF transmission with paddles shifters for smooth and quick shifting, tyre pressure monitoring system, automatic HID headlamps and dual zone climate control A/C the mustang is easy to live with. In car entertainment is also top notch as you get a 20.3 cm touchscreen with navigation and 9 speakers with bluetooth to keep you up in the most boring of jams.

the Ford Mustang interior

5. Good scope for Customisations

Good scope for Customisations

The Mustang aims to be a driver's' car and thus has a lot of aftermarket support for modifications such as exhaust systems, custom paint or wrap jobs etc. This adds another level of personalisation for the owner.


perfect sports car for India, the Ford Mustang

Comments (2)

Kartikay bhardwaj

Yeah you are right I . I also think it is the best car in its price range it is far more better than Audi A6 Mercedes E class and BMW 5series it has more power more aggressive stance and it is an American muscle car



But the RTO, and other taxes take the price upto almost 90 lakhs to 1 crore...! :(


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