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  1. “I ATE BMW”- Big Boy Toyz

“I ATE BMW”- Big Boy Toyz

09th August 2017
“I ATE BMW”- Big Boy Toyz

The Big Boys are at it again and this time they certainly hog the limelight (a trait which is inherent since they started doing business) with a new addition to their portfolio. It keeps you on a guessing mode and elevates the excitement levels and to help you a little further, we have already given a hint in the heading to make it altogether more interesting for the inquisitive minds.

the Big Boy Toyz

A monopolistic player and a leader in the supercar segment, the Big Boys often take others by surprise and give them sleepless nights! Yes that is true!

BMW India group source - autosarena

And here they have taken a big bite at the gigantic BMW India group by housing a drool worthy collection of the flagship technological marvel, the I8 (suspense disclosed) in house together with other exotic beauties that certainly makes it a noteworthy proposition.

Asia’s largest exotic car

So let us keep all apprehensions and speculations(a BMW certainly waves off such negativities) aside for a moment and introspect as to why only this tech savvy machine from Asia’s largest exotic car showroom should top the consideration list and be a part of your exorbitant garage.

Well it doesn’t come cheap. It is a matter of fact. Add to that the grievance of seeing only one variant on display if your zodiac prediction signs show an upward trend. But at Big Boy Toyz, you can surely explore not one, not two but 7 examples of the gorgeous I8 and the takeaway being the mouthwatering prices at which they are being sold.

This certainly takes the cherry on the cake!
Another feather to the cap is that the entire lot allocated for India for this tech savvy machine is found only at Big Boy Toyz.
No we are not exaggerating! We are stating true facts.

Did it give a boost to your senses?

There is a lot more in store for you

Have we described the unprecedented inherent pleasure that one gets on coming face to face with the I8? 

face to face with the I8

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

This beauty is truly an icon of sorts because it takes the crown of being the future of the automotive technology and mobility. And we can surely relish it in present times wholeheartedly. Its alluring exterior design together with a modernistic interior setup portrays the perfect fusion of Bavarian craftsmanship and technology put its best.

BMW I8 source - twimg

Admiration guaranteed for the best minds for they have an answer to the rising fuel costs, increasing pollution levels and at the same time satiating the sporty instincts and desires.

Don’t dig deep into the I8’s technical specifications otherwise you’ll bog your mind with too much of permutations and combinations, lest deprive yourself of the joy of reading this article.

BMW I8 source - autox

Just keep in mind that it is a hybrid supercar and taking you slightly back to the history, we all notice is that hybrid cars are exempt from the odd even scheme. Wow! Same goes for the I8. Unleash its beastly performance on your favorite working day of the week when the deserted roads serve an open invitation. Experience class leading agility and on road dynamics with the I8 together with some spirited corner cutting that gives you an unmatched sublime feeling.

BMW I8 source - carblogindia

Dreamt of owning a supercar all your life! You must have taken the inspiration from some of the famed Indian Superstars and celebrities who announce their arrival in grand style with their exotic four wheels doing the talking. Certainly adds brownie points to the style quotient.

What if Big Boy Toyz offers to you a celebrity’s car on a platter and invokes that special feeling of grandeur within you?

Do we say no to anything! No and we have the priced- possession of the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar and that too an I8. Now how do you feel? Supercars for Superstars truly reaffirmed.

BMW I8 source - imgur

Perhaps the only chunk in your armor that gets you away safely from a manned parking lot without having to pay the charges……Just drive of in a jiffy! And there comes another advantage….it is so silent on the outside that people won’t even know of your presence. This certainly gets you praises every time when you take the i8 for a quick spin in the neighborhood.

source - you tube

It is your time to make a mark and step up to one of the finest and unrivaled technologies in the form of the BMW I8 that time has to offer. An adept culmination of futuristic conceptualization and progression that appeals to the heart and mind in the most discerning manner without compromising on the sporty and thrilling X factor quotient aspect.



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