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Looking to buy a used Bentley car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

Want to buy a used Bentley in mumbai? Look to this


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Bentley car

Bentley covers substance with luxury and comfort. it comes to luxury combined with greatness.The stature of Bentley has that unavoidable spell and glory that can induce a sense of amazement and purity in you. Bentley has been serving the universe with its sense of luxury, comfort for engineering and need for speed. The 21st century challenges made Bentley introduce its Continental GT – a car that made the British brand into the luring brand of the present times.

Almost a century old, this British marque is popularly known for crafting vehicles that are high on power and performance and come with unmatchable strength. A subsidiary of Volkswagen group, this luxury car brand is serving the car industry since 1919 and has successfully registered 24 Hours of Le Mans six times.

In 1931, the company was facing some financial difficulties when Rolls-Royce stepped in and acquired Bentley. Later in 1998, Volkswagen AG purchased Rolls-Royce and once again Bentley and RR became two separate entities.

Talking about its badge, its charm and inescapable spell very subtly inculcate a sense of magnanimity towards its rivals. Yes, you can say that Bentley holds a BIG heart.

Pre-owned Bentley Cars at Affordable Prices

Don’t widen your eyes as you read that right. The increasing popularity of Bentley in the developing markets such as India has opened the gates for second hand Bentley cars at reasonable prices. But where to buy from? This question has been haunting the car lovers since long but now the answer is right here. Big Boy Toyz, a Delhi based used luxury car dealer, is expanding its roots and has now opened its showroom in Mumbai as well.

Universe of second hand Bentley cars in Mumbai

You can find a large and well-maintained collection of pre-owned Bentley cars in the inventory of Big Boy Toyz. Some of the models available are:

  • Bentley Continental

    - One of the most stylish and exhilarating grand tourer among its peers, Bentley Continental has maintained the legacy of its name and is available in the form of coupe, convertible and sports car. Bentley Continental  configure a chiseled machine that pronounces class and power status-quo for people with deep pockets. Continental configure to keep you protected, connected and entertained. Version Available as coupe or convertible in a choice of 3 twin-turbo engines i.e. 500hp V8, a 521hp V8 S, and a 567hp W12, all featuring 8-speed automatic, 20-inch wheel (with a choice of 21-inch), a glossy interior, a specially tuned chassis and all-wheel drive, that's why Continental GT is the first choice for all the celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires. .The Bentley continental has recorded the price of Rs 3.65 - 4.43 Crore in Mumbai. A used Bentley continental can be bought for subtle comfort in Mumbai from an authorised Bentley dealer. for the best price and before configuring any used Bentley in Mumbai contact bbt showroom , ensure the seller details.
  • Bentley Flying Spur

    - The best handcrafted luxury sedans you will find in the old luxury cars segment, Bentley Flying Spur undoubtedly a treat to the eyes of a car addict. It is designed as a luxury car it is considered to be a comfortable one. Amusing, nicely crafted and advanced .The Bentley flying spur’s quality and such rich history is a really awesome choice in both the International market and the car market in India. This type is an executive car and has a significant 6.0L W12 engine with ZF 6-speed transmission. It is a fuel efficient vehicle. The ambience is soothing and vivacious . also check out the best price to bargain and configure the luxury car at your name by a single contact at the authorised dealer in mumbai.Look out for a certified Bentley car dealer in Mumbai. The Bentley flying spur type has a price range from available in a price starting Rs. 3.29 Cr from a used authorised Bentley dealer , at nominal price.
  • Bentley Mulsanne

    - The vehicle is indeed an luxurious version of style and substance which make it distinct from any other car in its class. This comfort configure is one of the luring factors for its dynamic handling. authorised Bentley mulsanne’s performance has been par excellence. The Bentley mulsanne type configure has a price range starting at ₹ 5.56 Crore.. Authorised Bentley dealer is here at BBT mumbai.

Pre Owned Bentley Car in Mumbai

Pre Owned Bentley cars at authorised Bentley dealers in mumbai is a lucrative option. It can be brought from the certified owner's big boy toyz showroom. Before that the evaluation is done, it is a proper holistic process involving an in depth working of the 151 check points so that a car can be certified aptly.

How We Evaluate Each Car

The wholesome 151 checkpoint assurance list is there which is a detailed checklist that has been made to give  "BBT certified Pre-Owned Cars" certification. BBT is an authorized Bentley Dealer. We believe in transparency and fair dealing; we have a zero-tolerance policy for catering this.  We save your time as well as ours too by not putting excessive amounts and then bargain stuff. We have fixed prices. No car is entertained here with an accident or any mishap.  Here we also do a complete check of vehicle history with no litigation case on it. A check for National crime record is also performed for authorised Bentley in order to remove all the possibilities of purchasing a car with a case.


When being Luxury is your strength you choose authorised Bentley. Performance enveloped in speed is namesaked by Bentley. It not only stands for it's opulence or grandeur but for it's belongingness too. The passion indulge in the making of these vehicles by British automakers can't be measured materialistically it can only be felt. Blend of exquisite design and top-notch performance to keep alive the culture of excellence full of pride. One glare can make you fall in love with the charm and you'll be spellbind. This can be done at big boy toyz which is authorised Bentley dealer in  mumbai Its zero tolerance policy and configure checkpoint theory makes it more reliable.


151 check points are an important aspect to us for. Holistic inspection. We also entertain buy back policy. With 25% depreciation with kms limitation.  Client's confidentiality is prior and we also make it our priority. Hassle free buying is our motto and we try our best to make it to another level. Limited period i.e. six month warranty we serve.  Service and insurance history check is important and cars come with a complete check.  Checkpoints cover the vehicle history, road test, under hood maintenance, interior and exterior also underbody.

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