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  1. Do You Know What Torque Vectoring Is?

Do You Know What Torque Vectoring Is?

Do You Know What Torque Vectoring Is?

Among the many technical jargons that you keep on hearing about the automobile, the one that comes up repeatedly in the conversation is about torque vectoring. Today we will like to demystify this term and tell you what it means and why it is so important.

What is torque vectoring?

Torque vectoring, in a layman’s term, means how the torque produced in the engine is distributed between the wheels or axle to improve the driving experience of a car.

Why is it so important?

Torque vectoring is very important as it allows you to put weight on different wheels of the car that improve your control over the vehicle in some demanding situations. Like if you are taking a sharp corner, then putting the weight on the front wheels allow you to take the turn smoothly. This happens as more weight on the front tyres improves their grip on the road, which prevents skidding and provides better control over the car.

How many kinds of torque vectoring are available?

At present, there are four distinct types of torque vectoring available on the modern cars. These are very distinct and have their own advantages.

the modern cars

1). Rear wheel drive: Here the torque generated by the engine is transmitted to the rear wheels of the vehicle. Different cars use different methods to distribute the torque between the two rear wheels. While some cars use a mechanical method other use computer for the purpose. In some, extra torque is transmitted to the outer wheel to improve its gripping power while in few the torque is reduced to the inner wheels through brakes to give more power to the outer wheel while cornering.

modern cars

2). Front wheel drive: This is just the opposite of the rear wheel drive. Here the weight distribution is made on the front wheels of the car to improve on any under-steering condition, especially while taking a turn.

the modern cars

3). All-wheel drive: This system is mainly used in the all-terrain cars to give the driver more control over the vehicle so that the car can drive smoothly over difficult terrains. Different car maker uses a different type of techniques to improve the power to different wheels so that each of the wheels gets the required power to reduce torque wastage. In most premium, four wheel drives the torque distribution is done through a computer.

Hybrid drive car

4). Hybrid drive: This is the latest form of all-wheel drive that is invented to not only improve the control over the car but also improve the fuel efficiency. In this kind of drive, there are three electric motors; one for each of the rear wheels and the third for the front wheels. During cornering, the car can either add more torque to a particular wheel or use the regenerative braking on the opposite wheel that allows the outer wheel to rotate and get better grip on the road.

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