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Looking to buy a used Audi R8 car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

A sporty car, a flash speed car, the lifetime memorable drive can experience with this luxurious pre-owned Audi R8.

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About our luxury, expert-verified, used Audi R8 car

The motto Never Follow of Audi makes the Audi R8 stand out from other cars. The company, Audi is constantly working on bringing the best luxurious and advance car to the customer. Audi R8 is one of the executions of the same. Today many manufacturers are degrading quality, and on the other hand, a brand like Audi and Volkswagen are upgrading the comfort for their customers. These company names are brands that do not need a rage marketing campaign. The name creates curiosity about the model going to launch. Audi is popular worldwide, including in India, and Audi R8 has been the dream of many in India.

Used and Expert Verified Audi R8 is now in Mumbai!

The Used Audi R8 is now in your region, Mumbai. Avail of this offer before it surpasses you. Expert-Verified, pre-owned Audi R8 is available at an affordable price that won't disturb your budget and deliver the same comfort and luxury as showroom Audi R8. So what are you waiting for? The pre-owned Audi R8 is now in Mumbai waiting for you!

Ultimate Pre-owned Audi R8 Cars

The Audi R8 is a two-seater supercar, which focuses more on outlook, performance, and comfort. It is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. Yes, it is the same car used in movies that showcase the high living standard and represent the car race. The Audi R8 is now more upgraded in terms of outlook and performance. It looks more sporty and classy, as well as speeding the car on the road of marine drive in Mumbai with fresh air and enjoying the view with speed is heaven on earth moment. Audi has successfully maintained its legacy and it is possible only because of its series of models. Which includes Audi R8 that creates a desire among the customers. This Audi R8 can easily compete with big brands such as Porsche and Ferrari. This competition made the customers choose one among them. This Audi R8 is a superfast car compared to other models of Audi. But, it falls under the category of expensive models. Which may not be affordable for you. Worry not! You can buy the Used Audi R8 that falls under your budget and experience the same luxury. Also, it is a smart investment, so is your planning is done to buy a pre-owned Audi R8? But before chasing your dream car, you have to know about it inside out which helps you to get the best. The features of the Audi R8 will help you to know the car better!


Technical Parts: This Sports coupe is a petrol type luxury car. It is equipped with a 4.2 L, V8, Longitudinal engine, and 7 Speed S Tronic dual-clutch transmission. The peak power and peak torques are 425 PS/7900 rpm and 430 Nm/4500 rpm respectively.

Interior: When you step in through the big doors of Audi R8. You will experience comfort and luxury at the same time. This two-seater is perfect for a couple. The interior is equipped with an entertainment box and one speaker on each door. You can chill out the drive with drinks at your driving seat. The comfortable and leather manufactured driving seat will make you drive more the Audi R8.

Spaciousness: Though it is a two-seater. You won't feel congested, the proper space will give you a comfortable drive. Along with that, there is space in the back of the seat with speakers, to store your stuff for a long drive.

Design: The luxury Audi R8 is available in different colors. You can observe the laser light led at the front. Slide blades and rear panel at the back add up the sporty look and glossy color all over the car look lavish.

Safety Features: Safety should include in every matter. Audi R8 has airbags, Audi’s emergency interior trunk release system, post-collision safety system, and 4 wheel ABS brakes with tire pressure monitoring. It will ensure your safety.

Premium features: Premium things are a must in a luxury car. In Audi R8, you get a deluxe air conditioner, ventilation system, navigation system, remote boot lid and fuel opener, cruise control, and smoke lighter. These were the few premium features of this luxury car.

Dynamic Driving: All-wheel driving gives you a dynamic option to drive according to the climate condition. Which is the perfect luxurious drive. In simple language, the pickup is so great, it can reach 60 Kmph in 4 seconds. Audi R8 is 50% lighter than preceding models that make you feel like driving on air.

These were the great things about the great Audi R8.

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