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Looking to buy a used Audi car in Mumbai ? Well, look no more…

A new definition for perfection!


About our luxury, expert-verified, used Audi car

With the motto of Progress through Technology, Audi in the long span of its existence has successfully ruled the hearts of car aficionados. Be it the alluring design, top-notch technology or robust built, Audi has got it all and has efficiently carved a niche for its products in the worldwide market of first-hand and second-hand luxury cars. 

In the entire span of the existence of luxury cars, Audi has acquired a special place. Through the progress in technology one brand that has ruled the hearts of car aficionados is the Audi. This German luxury car was first manufactured in 1909. Audi India which began in 2007 is a division of the Volkswagen Group. The headquarters being in Mumbai make Audi a popular choice amongst the Mumbaikars. The Authorised Audi dealers can easily be reached within your Mumbai city to know the configuration of the Audi car and its best price. A used Audi in Mumbai can be an alternative for those who dream to drive one within the limitations of your pocket.

Pre-owned Luxury Cars gaining Popularity

In developing nations such as India, the luxury car market is flourishing slowly and gradually and people are considering buying budgeted used Audi cars to fulfill their dreams of owning a luxury car without making it heavy for the pocket. But the problem resides in the authenticity of the dealers dealing in second hand Audi cars.

Big Boy Toyz, located in Mumbai too, has emerged as a big name in the pre-owned car market because of its quality products and services. Every Audi car in their collection doesn’t seem to be old, thanks to their high maintenance, the shine and performance of Audis remain intact.

Paradise od second hand Audi cars in Mumbai

No Used Audi in Mumbai seems second hand because of its high maintenance and intact performance maintained by the Authorised Audi dealers in Mumbai. One can find a huge collection of used Audi in Mumbai with the seller  Big Boy Toyz showroom in Mumbai. These include :

  • Audi Q7

    - With robust look, this SUV is the perfect blend of power with versatility, performance and design. This sturdy SUV is a wonderfully designed versatile luxury Audi car with an unmatched performance. The sporty exterior includes a huge space inside with complete driver assist systems making it ideal for the entire family. The Audi Q7 is available in the variants Q7, SQ7 and   Q7 TFSI e which ensure extreme driving comfort. Available with certified Audi car dealers, the used Audi luxury can be obtained at reasonable pricing to enjoy the greatest pleasure of driving. For accurate price connect seller details certified Audi car dealers only.
  • Audi Q5

    - Falling the same segment as that of Q7, the Q5 is popularly known as a crossover that is designed for speed lovers on Audi’s MLP platform. For the twin love of luxury of Audi and speed one can choose the Audi Q5. A popular crossover luxury Audi Q5 falls in the segment as that Q7.On the congested of Mumbai, among the traffic jams and galore of cars around one, a used Audi in Mumbai with its advanced driver assistance technology can help you steer ahead. The comfort and sophistication of Audi Q5 is unparalleled. For exact price contact the authorised Audi dealers in Mumbai.
  • Audi A8

    - A8, a luxury sedan, is the highly sold model of Audi and comes fully loaded with hi-tech features to make your ride smooth and comfortable. For a style statement and high status value Audi A8 is the perfect luxury sedan. This hot selling model combines several high tech features to give you smooth sailing. Audi A8 is a high digital equipped luxury car with comfort of spaciousness and driving ease. A certified used Audi A8 can be purchased by authorised Audi dealers in Mumbai to suit your price range. The high sold variants of Audi A8 available with authorised Audi in Mumbai are A8, A8L, A8 TFSI e, A8 L TFSI e and S8 TFSI.
  • Audi A6

    - A successful sedan in the luxury car market, A6 is preferred the most among the business class because of its alluring and top-notch features, comfort and performance. The advanced technology and the versatile design of sporty look and grace of the Audi is combined in a beautiful symbiosis in the Audi A6 sedan. Designed for the business class, complete with top notch features and high performance the Audi A6 is a dream luxury. For the used Audi A6 contact the Authorised Audi dealer in your own city Mumbai and experience the thrill of riding. For details of configuration and pricing contact the seller of the used Audi in Mumbai. Best price available at certified Audi car dealer.
  • Audi A4

    - It is a compact sedan that too is based on MLB platform and is available in two drive options – ‘Quattro’ all-wheel and front-wheel. The sporty, trendy luxury sedan is a compact mid-size premium car for the young generation who thrive on sporty looks and advanced technology. Based on the MLB platform it is available from your authorised Audi dealer in two drive options- Quattro and all-wheel and front-wheel. The premium functional interior with the large MMI touch display makes it akin to a smartphone and so a package infotainment. In order to avail the experience of an Audi A4 at reasonable pricing a certified second hand Audi A4 can be purchased from the authorised Audi dealer in Mumbai .
  • Audi R8

    - Marketed as a supercar, Audi R8 is a coupe that shares the platform with the mighty Lamborghini Gallardo and bears a sexy look. Audi  R8 is undoubtedly the flagship luxury car of the entire range of Audi available globally. Marketed as a supercar and inspired by “Iron Man” Audi R8 shares international platform with the Lamborghini Gallardo. The two seater sporty car cannot be missed by the young aspirants of Mumbai. For the experience of an Audi R8 at a reasonable price a used Audi in Mumbai can be sought from an authorised Audi dealer. Check the seller details before you finalise your priority.
  • Audi A7

    - Giving credit to its remarkable power, sleek contours and luxurious details, Audi A7 has got all what it needs to be a head-turner. The Audi A7 is a head turner with a combination of sleek contours and sporty aesthetics. The Audi A7 is a four seater sedan  which is a very powerful and enjoyable machine that would set your pulse racing. The used luxury and sporty car which fascinates you can be bought from an authorised Audi dealer at a reasonable price to allow you not to compromise with your dream. Audi A7 give you the thrill of speed with its top speed of 250 km/h. Check the sellers details of authorised Audi Mumbai before buying Used Audi A7.
  • Audi RS

    - Using a turbocharged V8 engine under the hood, Audi RS is giving a tough competition to the established players in the supercar market. The Audi RS is a powerful and dynamic performer shaped for the thrill driven young driver who dreams of superheroes but needs the stability of a strong engine.  The turbocharged V8 engine of the Audi RS with the Carbon fibre body raises it to a complete performer. With the pricing a little beyond reach, one can experience the luxury of the Audi RS by opting for a used supercar. For queries check out the seller details or authorised Audi dealers in Mumbai. You can configure your car according to your lifestyle.
  • Audi Q3

    - A compact crossover, Audi Q3 carries a transverse mounted front engine and holds the appearance as that of a coupe. The SUV is the perfect option for those looking for a power-packed performance on the city roads. The sloping roofline with the elongated wheelbase of Audi Q3 uniquely makes it a comfortable Luxury crossover car. The sport look is undermined but the ample space within, with a mounted front engine makes it a complete performer on the Mumbai roads. With a backrest folded down the luggage capacity can go up to 1525 litres or volume. For a used Audi in Mumbai contact only the authorised Audi dealers. Do check configuration and pricing from the authorised dealers before finalization.
  • Audi TT

    - This sports car is now three generations old and is available in the coupe and roadster options. Based on the Group A platform by Volkswagen, Audi TT made its first appearance as a concept car in 1995 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Of all the variants of Audi TT available globally, Audi TT coupe is the most easily available and desired sportscar to be used in busy streets of Mumbai. The Audi TT logo testifies to the characteristics of the powerful engine, the sports seat and the Audi sport wheels of 20 inches. The Audi TT is a dream luxury car but can be used even for going to the office going for its smoothness of driving. For used Audi TT contact an authorised Audi Mumbai dealer with your configured demand and pricing.
  • Audi Q8

    - Audi Q8 is a latest entrant in the family of Audi luxury SUV’s. The upright grill and the spoiler at the front with the highly lined air inlets this car gains a confident look about itself. The extravagant interior and the high tech navigation endear it to be a perfect business and leisure partner. The rear wheels can be turned to 5 degrees to increase swiftness and stability. The used Audi Q8 model can be purchased from authorised Mumbai dealer at appropriate prices to experience the pleasure of driving the best.

Don’t waste your time searching for a used Audi car at local dealers, contact Big Boy Toyz in your city and book your favorite model now.

Pre Owned Audi car Authorised dealers in Mumbai

How We Evaluate Each Car

Big Boy Toyz’s mission is to provide quality luxury cars with highly personalised care at competitive prices. Our motto is to satisfy our customers by delivering them pre owned luxury AUDI cars with high quality and satisfy them. Each AUDI car  is checked and verified by experts and professionals to ensure that each AUDI car meets the high standards of evaluation in all aspects before it is delivered to our esteemed customers. There are several checkpoints to ensure the customer safety which is our priority at Mumbai studio. Each AUDI car comes with complete previous service history and verified for AUDI authorised dealership.


Big Boy Toyz is a name to reckon with in the pre-owned car market with car aficionados lining up to have a look, take a test drive, and drive away with second hand AUDI cars in Mumbai. BBT caters to the demands among the established and nouveau riche section of Mumbaikars through its AUDI series. The premier car dealer has in its inventory luxury pre-owned AUDI cars that are certified for quality. If you look around the showroom for the inventory of AUDI cars offered by Big Boy Toyz, you will find they are selling like hot cakes.  BBT assures full satisfaction to its customers by addressing their queries 24x7.

Our Checkpoints

Big Boy Toyz is an exclusive place where owning exotic cars is a passion. Should you think of buying a Pre Owned luxury AUDI car, you are assured of quality and pricing at Big Boy Toyz.Remember, Used cars are as good as the first hand ones provided they are certified by the respective dealer(s). Big Boy Toyz, Mumbai scores big with trust and customer satisfaction."BBT Certified Pre-Owned Cars" Cused ertification guarantees that you are ready to hit the road! Because each car passes through 151 qualities check points. The 151 Quality Checkpoint is a comprehensive checklist that has been created to ensure that each and every car that leaves the BBT hangar goes through a stringent pre procurement checklist which include, Vehicle History, Road Test, Under hood Maintenance, Vehicle Exterior, Vehicle Interior and Underbody.


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